What’s Different and New in Warzone Pacific?

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December 7, 2021

Doug Dagnabbit

Doug Dagnabbit


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December 7th, 2021

by MavriqGG

Prior to the release of Caldera on December 8th, creators and influencers were given early access to a build of Warzone Pacific. ModernWarzone was one of the outlets invited to this early impressions playtest. Thank you to Activision for the invite! Here’s what we learned!

Perks and Equipment are staying the same.

As much as we wanted Ghost to change, it’s still the same. The perks that we’ve had since the launch of Modern Warfare are staying and functioning the same way. This also goes for the lethal and tactical equipment we’ve been using. 

We didn’t get the chance to whip out a Heartbeat sensor to test it, but stims have a new visual effect paired with their new movement speed bonus. It’s the same FOV increase effect seen when using Dead Silence. They mentioned a nerf to stuns in the Blog post, but it wasn’t obvious what the nerf was, while playing.

Killstreaks are also the same ones we’ve been using since launch. Although UAVs are more expensive now, costing $6k.

Money. Money. Money. 

Loot is everywhere. More loot than Verdansk and more money too. Which should help offset the cost of a more expensive UAV ($6k) The new contracts also help with stacking up the cash. The Big Game Bounty contract can be used multiple times, but will only target the operator with the highest kills once. On its next use, it’ll target the operator with the 2nd highest kills. It targets enemies similarly to the way a normal Bounty does.

Pacing is still great and Tac Sprint stays the same.

Despite the change to when you can buy a loadout, the addition of new contracts along with the layout of many buildings and the overall layout of the map, allows for a quick pace. Luckily enough, just like the perks and equipment. Things like Tac Sprint and Slide Canceling stay the same as they’ve been for the past 2 years.

Vanguard Weapon Camos have been Redesigned.

While much of the Vanguard weapons are near exact ports of their Vanguard counterparts, one big change is to their cosmetic camos. Specifically Gold and Diamond Camos have been redesigned. The Zombie Camos tab for Vanguard weapons was missing, no info if they’ll be coming in the future.

A New Winning/Exfil Cutscene.

Finally to wrap up. We get a new winning exfil cutscene, small change but a big one after 2 years of seeing the same stuff every game.  

Written by: MavriqGG – Twitter

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