What’s Coming In Season 6 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone

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September 22, 2020

Doug Dagnabbit

Doug Dagnabbit

Modern Warfare Warzone Season 6


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Today Call of Duty dropped the first official trailer for Season 6 of Modern Warfare and Warzone. Here’s what we learned, and a few other predictions for what’s coming in Season 6.

What We Learned From the Trailer

The trailer gave us confirmation that a subway system would be coming to Warzone, as we previously reported. It also gave us confirmation that Farah and Nikolai would be the two new operators going into Season 6. However at the end of the cut-scene Captain Price mentions “Griggs.” It’s safe to say that he will be the DLC operator for Season 6 of Modern Warfare and Warzone. You can also see Nikolai holding an AS-VAL towards the end of the trailer, as he is getting set to board the train Farah tosses it to him.

Warzone Season 6 Subway

Predictions for Season 6

We also have a few predictions for what else is coming in Season 6, based off of datamined files and previous reports. Here’s what we believe you will see, keep in mind none of this is officially confirmed, only rumored.

  • R700 Sniper Rifle
  • AA-12 Automatic Shotgun
  • AS-VAL Rifle

As of right now, we are not in a position to predict or claim that we know if there will be any live events in Season 6. We do know that the story of Verdansk is still unfolding in front of us, and that this should be the last season before the release of Black Ops Cold War. At some point they will have to begin the transition of Warzone into Black Ops Cold War, but as of right now it’s still unclear how they will go about handling this.

Update 9/22 12:32 PM EST: As of now, we can confirm the R700 and AS-VAL are the two weapons coming to begin Season 6 of Modern Warfare and Warzone, and we expect the AA-12 to be the mid season weapon based off of this image. 

Warzone Season 6

Let Us Know What You Think

Let us know what you think is coming next season! What do you want to see added to Modern Warfare and Warzone before the release of Black Ops Cold War? For all of this info and more, be sure to follow us on twitter as well as our other social medias!

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19 Responses

  1. Im addicted to this game badly but we have to drop PC players full stop, the hacking is out of control. Let them just play each other and just keep it PS4 and
    Xbox together.

  2. I want to see war zone rumble. It is why I bought the game in the first place, but it keeps being taken out and put back up. Just put it back up and let us play it!

  3. ‘What’s coming in season 6’
    Well I read it, and it’s speculation. So people still don’t know what’s coming.

  4. I think the movement on Alpha was rough, almost felt like you were stuck on mud, nothing like Modern Warfare Warzone.
    If the movement could be almost similar to MW COD I’d be very pleased, I’m sure many would be.

  5. I want to have the ability to run with my animal and give it command’s to track to attack and to spot. That would be a good addition to the already mind-blowing game.

  6. Well one they need to either get rid of warzone or get rid of the pc cheaters that are in it with wall hacks and aim that is not fair to console players

  7. Please make the game world class which nobody can compete.
    1. Graphics
    I don’t want anyone to criticize COD
    I love it.

  8. Please bring back warzone rumble. Its the only mode me and all my friends play since we all moved away from each other after high school. Its the only way we still keep in touch.

  9. Officer progression and missions for the characters is broken.
    Like catch the train, It doesn’t give the intel when grabbed.
    No armor bundle credit for warzone..

  10. i disagree.. i recently switched to pc and not all pc players are hacking. i agree for tighter security measures due to the hackers. but as a new pc player.. i made it a point not to be in that category.
    we don’t all suck i promise

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