Weapon Inspection Coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone in Season 5

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August 4, 2020

Doug Dagnabbit

Doug Dagnabbit


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Weapon Inspections Confirmed for Season 5

Weapon Inspections are confirmed to be making a return to the Call of Duty franchise in Season 5 of Modern Warfare. Back by popular demand, as they honestly should have been from the start, youtube content creators can rejoice worldwide at the endless thumbnail click bait possibilities!

As we previously reported, files were shown to us back in early July of weapon inspections for the MP5 and various other weapons. We can now confirm that they are coming to Modern Warfare, and that the date is sooner rather than later. These came courtesy of the Prototype Warehouse on twitter and discord. 

Joel Emslie, Lead Art Director of Infinity Ward, has pinned a post on the r/ModernWarfare subreddit Titled “Some good news.” The post simply says “‘Weapon Inspections’ – Incoming.”

We can assume that Weapon inspections will join the other slew of content that we are being fed in Season 5 of Warzone, including a moving train loaded with loot, and the long awaited opening of the Stadium

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  1. Opening of the stadium has been the most anticipated and hyped up aspect of season 5 and I am very happy that it is now open and accessible to play in. As far as weapon inspection is concerned, I am also excited about it and I hope it will come soon.

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