Warzone Season 4: Armored Trucks Allow Upgrades, Including Unlimited UAVs

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June 17, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole



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UPDATE: Players have discovered how to obtain Armored Trucks in Warzone.

To get an Armored Truck, you’ll need to capture one of the random mini-satellites found in Verdansk and then open the cache drop that spawns after capturing the mini-satellite.

These cache drops will either have a HARP scorestreak or an Armored Truck.

The original post goes as follows:

How To Find And Upgrade Armored Trucks In Warzone Season 4

Warzone players have already noticed a ton of changes in the recent Season 4 update. One of the most notable changes is with Armored Trucks.

While playing Warzone Season 4, you may get lucky enough to notice a plane dropping off an Armored Truck. As of this writing, it appears there are no voiceover or visual cues to alert the player that a plane is passing by.

When you get near the Armored Truck, head around to the back. On the driver’s side, you should be able to interact with a mobile Buy Station for the Armored Truck.

The Armored Truck has several useful upgrades worth purchasing, including the UAV. Once you buy it, you will have a permanent UAV pinging a small area around your truck.

Here’s every upgrade for the Armored Truck and how much each upgrade costs:

  • Repair Armored Truck – $1500
  • Refill Trophy System – $2500 (Requires Trophy System Upgrade)
  • UAV – $4000
  • Trophy System – $3000
  • Heat Resistant Barrel – $3000
  • Heavy Armor – $2000
  • Armor Box – $6000
  • Munitions Box – $4500

As for the upgrades you should buy first, we recommend the UAV and Heavy Armor.

Just before Season 4 launched, Raven Software dropped the patch notes for the update. However, there was no mention of upgradable Armored Trucks. So, we don’t know if this was an intentional addition to Warzone game modes or if it somehow fell through the cracks.

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