Warzone Season 3 Event Start Times And How To Participate

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April 21, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole



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UPDATE: Activision has just released a new blog post on what players can expect during the event. The post goes as follows:


Armistice Central Command is ordering the evacuation of all Operators and civilians from Verdansk, effective immediately.

Per Armistice Code of Conduct, evacuation efforts will be conducted as follows:

This briefing will be updated as new information becomes apparent. All updates will be visible to all Operators as well as civilians. We will coordinate efforts using the Armistice Standard Pacific Time.

It is expected that exfiltration helicopters will arrive across Verdansk after 12:00 today, April 21. Due to the number of aircraft needed for this evacuation and the unusual wind conditions across Kastovia, we only have an estimated time of arrival for the first formation of helicopters, but we expect evacuations to be finished by 14:00.

Third, due to the Containment Protocol communication efforts, a system-wide update will need to be done across our network. This will require all Operators to manually update their comms unit (for civilians, their “console”) starting at 21:00 on April 21.

Given the above timeline, we expect the operation to be successful and comms to fully resume to normal by 12:00 on April 22.

You have your orders.

Now execute the mission.”

The original article goes as follows:

When Does The Warzone Event Start?

The Warzone live event is almost here! Activision has revealed the exact date and times for the event, which you can find down below:

  • 4/21
    • 12 PM PT – 2 PM PT
    • 2 PM PT – 9 PM PT
  • 4/21 – 4/22
    • 9 PM PT – 12 PM PT
  • 4/22
    • 12 PM PT – 1 PM PT

How To Participate In The Event

While we don’t know how the event will work, we can assume there will some type of option available in the Warzone menus right before or during the event times. Also, make sure your game is updated.

If you aren’t able to hop on Warzone to actively participate in the live event, we at ModernWarzone will be streaming it live over on Twitch and taking over the GFuel Energy Twitch stream for a few hours.

What’s Going On In Warzone?

Slowly but surely, Verdansk has been overrun by zombies that originated from the Vodyanoy (Shipwreck). Radiation zones have started to pop up around all the points of interest the zombies have visited so far. If you’re in a non-solo game mode and die in these radiation zones, you’ll actually skip the Gulag and turn into a zombie.

Things have only gotten worse and now, it appears that Verdansk is nearing its end. Well, Verdansk as we know it anyway. In a blog post covering all the Season 3 content, Activision detailed the story so far and heavily teased the end of Verdansk during this upcoming nuke event.

You can see the full post here.

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