Warzone Players Aren’t Happy With The AUG, FFAR, And M16

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March 25, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole



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Warzone Players Call For AUG, FFAR, And M16 Nerf

If you’ve been on social media over the past few weeks, you probably know about the current meta weapons in Warzone. The AUG, FFAR, and to a lesser extent, the M16.

Many players are not too thrilled about this current meta with the majority of the focus on the overpowered AUG.

Basically,  the burst rifles with the Axial Arms 3x Scope equipped have the same zoom as the Kar98k with barely any recoil. So, if you are using the AUG or M16, you can destroy other players from any range with just a few bursts.

On Twitter, players have voiced their displeasure over the current meta:

TrueGameData recently posted an excellent video about the current meta in Warzone. In the video, they went into detail on why exactly these weapons are so overpowered and how they would specifically balance each weapon. You can see that video below:

While we don’t know when the next major weapon balancing update will go live for Warzone, it’s becoming clear that these three meta weapons will be part of the balancing changes.

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What are your thoughts on the M16, AUG, and FFAR? Should these weapons receive a nerf? Are there any other weapons that should be nerfed or even buffed? Let us know in the comments.

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3 Responses

  1. Using the FFAR requires some recoil control skill & it should not be nerfed.

    Poor players just love to whine.

  2. I just it’s alright but I don’t get why black ops cold war guns do more damage then modern warfare

  3. I literally just got fucking teamed wipednin squads by one kid with the m16 cuz a burst is all you need to kill ig and the punching being stronger than the pistol please fix your fucking game

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