Warzone hackers are flying cars… again.

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January 20, 2022

Doug Dagnabbit

Doug Dagnabbit


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4 months after debuting on the Verdansk map, flying cars are back on Caldera and Rebirth. As seen in the clip below, cheaters on Caldera are able to take to the skies with vehicles like the Tac Rover. The clip is complete with a POV of what cheaters are able to see while in the air and… it looks as ridiculous as you’d expect. 

This isn’t an innocent glitch. 

Flying cars are a cheat feature.

Outside of planes in the Vanguard specific modes, flying cars aren’t accessible to legit players in Warzone. They’re restricted to those cheating and as seen in the screenshot below from a cheat reseller, they’re announcing the feature being implemented.

Sadly, the issue isn’t limited to Caldera. The Rebirth Island map – which is popular among those seeking refuge from the cheating epidemic this past year – is also dealing with flying vehicle users. A quick visit to r/CODWarzone shows that users have quickly dubbed this, “The Harry Potter Meta”. 

While this is funny, it doesn’t inspire much confidence in Activision or it’s studios. Especially after the announcement of Season 2’s delay for Vanguard and Warzone.

More absurd cheat features are coming.

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does! Features like “Long Melee Lunge” (which can give Kali Stick range on Riot Shields), “No Flash” and “No Stun” are all listed as coming soon. 

For those wondering, here’s an example of  “Long Melee Lunge” in action. 

It looks like dark days are ahead for Warzone, hopefully we see an update soon addressing these issues and more. 

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Written by: MavriqGG – Follow Mav on Twitter, YouTube and TikTok!

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