The REAL Warzone Season 2 Reloaded Patch Notes l New Modern Warfare Maps

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March 31, 2021

Doug Dagnabbit

Doug Dagnabbit


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Table of Contents

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded “Real” Patch Notes

The Season 2 Reloaded update is out for Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Although Raven Software put out patch notes on the update, there was a lot left out. Both good and (mostly) bad. We wanted to share our own completely unofficial patch notes that include all the actual improvements and new bugs found in the game. 

Again, we are in no way affiliated with Activision and don’t take this article too seriously. We just wanted to have some fun with it. You can either watch our video on this below or scroll down to find our version of the patch notes:

What Wasn’t Added In The Update


  • The Stim Glitch has returned once again
    • Via Stodeh and plenty of other reports online
  • The Invisibility Glitch is still in the game
  • Black Ops Cold War Emblems and Calling Cards no longer appearing in Warzone for some
  • New Weapon Blueprint glitches and FINN barrel issues
  • New Glitch allows for downed players to use their weapons and move


  • FFAR Mag and Takedown Barrel Changes
  • AUG base recoil increased (But, it’s still the meta)
  • Modern Warfare Weapon Perks No Longer Work as Intended EX: Sleight of Hand
  • Mastery Camos for Black Ops Cold War weapons received a change to be more in line with their BOCW counterparts
  • Salvo Speed Mags now slows down your ADS time
  • Calvary Lancer Barrel now properly increases vehicle damage
  • Speed Tapes actually increase ADS now, with airborne elastic being the exception (Per JGOAT)
  • FINN Barrels are broken in Warzone and MP
  • Finn LMG’s Chainsaw stock has a bugged view model and adverse no longer provides a fire rate increase
  • Task Force new best barrel for LMGs after the calvary lancer nerf
  • Stanag 50 rnd is the best mag after nerf to salvo

Buy Stations 

  • NEW: Outbreak Protocol Stations
    • Includes high-tier items that were never purchasable before, and for good reason!
      • Advanced UAV ($12,000 , $3000 Plunder)
      • Bombardment
        • Requires a key from finishing a zombies trial machine in Verdansk (40 kills)
    • Foresight, which shows every circle for the rest of the game. Yes, even once the end zone starts to “pull.” $20,000  (Fire sale = $500)
  • NEW: RC-XD’s Purchasable from normal buy stations
    • Conveniently placed at the bottom of the buy chart, directly underneath loadout drop markers. This made the least logical sense so they did it.
    • They’re the gas RC-XD.


  • Attack Helicopters 
    • Attack Helicopters have been re-added
    • The Attack Helicopters were originally removed from the game to combat the invisibility glitch. In case you missed it earlier, the invisibility glitch is still in Warzone

Modern Warfare Update

  • New RANDOM Maps
    • Killhouse (6v6)
      • A remake of the classic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map
    • Drainage (2v2 and 3v3)
    • Airbase (6v6)

For the latest Call of Duty news, be sure to check out ModernWarzone on Twitter!

Thank you Taylor for your heavy contribution in organizing this article!

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9 Responses

  1. I’ve honestly never been able to use my CW emblems and cards in Warzone. And actually I still can’t change them in CW. Activision refuses to acknowledge it and usually responds back in the timely fashion of 2 or so months.

  2. I have a urging hate for game developers, because of this shit. Doesnt look like they even play the game

  3. So basically I downloaded the new warzone update on my ps4 and when the update finished it started down loading again also I have it on disk

  4. You failed to acknowledge that thousands of PS4 users have been unable to play Warzone or Modern Warfare due to the copy add-on loop that keeps downloading the file since the 1.34 update. Activision have been ignorant to the fact people have spent days trying possible solutions to rectify the problem with no avail.

  5. Since the update I’m unable to play my game at all, why o why do they do this to players, I’ve uninstall 3 times and installed 14 new address and still no game, sort it out plz

  6. Has anyone reported any issues with the new Bullfrog blueprint Powercoil? It won’t show up in game when I have it equipped in my loadout

  7. -Obstructive view when using Model 680 (camera seems futher behind than normal; clothes and hair obstruct player esp. when prone)

    -Finn barrels not working

    -MW Gun Perks, or at least Sleight of Hand is proven not working

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