Part 2 Of The Warzone Event Lets Players Destroy Verdansk

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April 22, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole



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What Happened So Far?

The Season 3 live event for Warzone has been interesting, to say the least.

The event began with a bang. Verdansk was completely overrun by zombies and the map was eventually nuked. Unfortunately, due to server issues, not too many players got the chance to play it when the limited timed playlist popped up.

A few hours later, players were redirected to Rebirth Island to investigate. From there, players discovered secret messages, a new teaser website, and everything seemed to hint towards the next Warzone map taking us back to 1984 Verdansk.

Activision would later release two new trailers, one being a new opening cinematic for Season 3 and the other acting as a live-action teaser for Verdansk 84.

But, we still have to see the end of present-day Verdansk and Rebirth Island. How does the event end? Let’s get into it.

How Did The Warzone Season 3 Event End?

Right before the start time for the next part of the Warzone event, the official Call of Duty Twitter account sent out a new post urging players to drop into Rebirth Island immediately. Developer Raven Software would later repeat that message:

Loading into Warzone, players will notice a new message of the day:

“Doomsday Eve: Rebirth Island

End the outbreak. Drop into Rebirth Island in the dead of night with a dire task. Launch the nuke that will destroy Verdansk, wiping out the zombie horde for good. Rally your squad ASAP – this limited-time mode will go up in smoke soon.”

When you hop into The Destruction Of Verdansk Part 2 event playlist, a message will pop up revealing that this mode takes place 10 minutes before the destruction of Verdansk.

So, How Do You Destroy Verdansk?

Upon landing in Rebirth Island, you’ll be tasked with acquiring the device. There are unlimited respawns so you’ll just have to hold onto the device long enough for the device to hit 100%.

After it hits 100%, you’ll have to launch the nuke and the ones who had the device last will be crowned as the Destroyers Of Verdansk.

But, it doesn’t stop there. After Verdansk is destroyed (this time, from the perspective of Rebirth Island), players will see another cinematic cutscene that officially transitions Warzone to the new Verdansk 84 map.

When you complete the cutscene, you’ll drop right into Verdansk 84 with familiar objectives. Loot, kill, and survive.

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