Leaked Call of Duty: Warzone Audio Teases New Modes And Nuke Event

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March 5, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole



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Warzone Leak Teases New Modes And Nuke Event

Twitter user ZestyCODLeaks posted a nearly six-minute video featuring numerous Warzone audio clips that tease new modes and events.


These snippets seem to indicate that a new Warzone mode called Plague is on the way. This mode is supposedly centered on taking Verdansk back from the undead. If you fail to complete this objective, the nuke will be detonated.

Here are a few quotes from the Plague mode audio clips:

  • “Get to the exfil site!”
  • “This is the end.”
  • “Verdansk is overrun, take it back.”
  • “Last chance to cleanse Verdansk soldier!”
  • “Extraction canceled. Nuke inbound for Verdansk. You’re on your own soldier!”

There’s also another game mode in these audio files called Sandbox. In this mode, players can apparently take part in races and obstacle courses.

Here are a few quotes from the Sandbox mode audio clips:

  • “Get back in your vehicle.”
  • “Reach the finish without touching the ground.”
  • “A vehicle is required for this event.”

The video ends with audio clips from Exfiltration, which is the only confirmed mode included in this video. Exfiltration is set to launch… well, it’s actually available now. You can see details for that mode here.

As always, it’s very important to note that none of the audio clips featured in the video are official and should be taken with a grain of salt until Activision reveals more.

Is This The End Of Verdansk?

For months, players have speculated on how Warzone will finally transition from Verdansk to a brand-new map.

One popular theory states that zombies will invade Verdansk and this outbreak would eventually lead to the destruction of the map. Turns out, the first half of that theory has already been proven right.

The launch of Season Two brought zombies to Verdansk via the shipwrecked Vodyanoy.

And, if these audio clips end up being legit, it looks like Plague mode could be how players transition to a new Warzone map. Verdansk is nuked and the highly-rumored Black Ops Cold War-era map could be introduced from there.

But again, it’s just a theory. Hopefully, with the one-year anniversary of Warzone right around the corner and rumors swirling that something big will happen near that date, some official info gets released soon.

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