How To Qualify For The World Series Of Warzone $300k Tournament

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May 19, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

World Series of Warzone


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What Is The World Series Of Warzone?

Activision has officially announced the World Series of Warzone, a new draft-based series of tournaments where some of the top names in the North American and European Call of Duty scene will compete over huge prize pools.

There will be four $300,000 tournaments under the World Series of Warzone banner with the first event scheduled for June 23rd (in the North America region). Although these tournaments will feature both Duos and Trios, the June 23rd event will only feature Trios.

How Can You Qualify?

The June 23rd World Series of Warzone Trios event will feature:

  • Select players invited by Activision
  • Those in or nominated by the Call of Duty League
  • Players who win Open Qualifiers

You can sign up for the Open Qualifiers by clicking here. This will take you to the Gamebattles website. The first qualifier takes place on May 24th and the winning squad will be officially invited to play in the upcoming Trios tournament.

Keep in mind, all players who register will have to meet the tournament’s rules:

  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Resides in North America (for the first World of Warzone tournament)
  • Must be able to stream gameplay
  • Pass a background check from Activision
  • And more

To learn more about the WSOW, including its extensive rules and scoring system, be sure to check out the Call of Duty blog post. You can also head over to the official site for the tournaments.

For the latest Call of Duty news, be sure to check out ModernWarzone on Twitter.

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