How do Fighter Planes work in Warzone Pacific?

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December 7, 2021

Doug Dagnabbit

Doug Dagnabbit


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December 7th, 2021

by MavriqGG

Prior to the release of Caldera on December 8th, creators and influencers were given early access to a build of Warzone Pacific. ModernWarzone was one of the outlets invited to this early impressions playtest. Thank you to Activision for the invite! Here’s what we learned!

2 Per Plane

Fighter planes are available in Vanguard Royale and can be found around the map like other vehicles. These planes seat two players, one pilot and one passenger. The passenger has access to their weapons, this isn’t a gunner seat. The pilot flies the fighter plane from the 3rd person perspective. Not the first person perspective, like in the “Battle of Midway” campaign mission from Vanguard.

This is what appears next to a teammate’s name when they’re in a Fighter Plane.

Controls are… weird.

While the planes aren’t difficult to fly, it can easily be compared to flying planes in Fortnite. We checked the settings and didn’t see anything like “Invert Plane Controls”. So Fighter Plane control customization might be limited.

Are they OP?

While we didn’t get any infantry kills with the Fighter Planes, they do a ton of damage to other planes. Luckily the AA guns accessible around the map can take down a fighter plane in about 4 hits. These AA guns also do a ton of damage to enemies on foot, so don’t be surprised if you die to one. The fighter planes don’t easily go down to ARs or LMGs, so expect to rely on AA guns if you want to shoot down these planes.

They aren’t Limited.

During the playtest we noticed after crashing two sets of planes, they seemed to respawn in the same location. This leads us to believe that Fighter Planes will be available throughout the match and aren’t restricted in quantity. 

Written by: MavriqGG – Twitter

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