COD 2021 Working Title is “Call of Duty WWII: Vanguard” Developed by Sledgehammer Games

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March 22, 2021

Doug Dagnabbit

Doug Dagnabbit


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Call of Duty 2021 Is Tentatively Titled WWII: Vanguard

There have been tons of rumors, leaks, and theories regarding the next Call of Duty Franchise title, set to release in late 2021. Today we here at ModernWarzone have some exclusive news to share with you all.

Per Sources, Call of Duty 2021 is Tentatively Titled WWII: Vanguard. This is clearly a code name / working title and will be changed in the future, but this is our first look at the potential title of the next entry for Call of Duty. As we previously reported, the game is being primarily developed by Sledgehammer Games. 

Previous leaks from VictorZ, a known and credible Call of Duty insider / leaker, have pointed to the next title being set during WWII. The leaker however offered no further information other than a WWII setting.

ModernWarzone has also previously reported that parts of the next title will take place in the 1950’s. This creates quite an interesting situation, considering World War II ended in September of 1945. We still believe our original source for this information, but this raises so many more questions. Let’s see if we can answer any of them.

Next Call of Duty Title Set During and After WWII? Or Something Entirely Different?

There have been hundreds of fake leaks, rumors, and details about COD 2021 shared online. This brings us to the question which are still believable and which are not?

The World War II Setting is accurate as we understand it, especially after today’s news revealing the working title for COD 2021.

We are planning to get further details from our sources regarding whether the 1950’s leak still holds true, or if it something that takes place after the main plot of the game. All we were told was that parts of the game (cutscenes) take place during the 1950’s. 

This led to tons of speculation over whether or not the next COD title would be set during the Korean War. While this article confirms it is a WWII title it does not confirm that there are 0 links to the Korean War throughout the game. This rumor currently has to stand, as we can not debunk it. We also wouldn’t expect to see any official sources or developers comment on this leak.

It’s entirely possible that Call of Duty is pursuing a new fictitious timeline where World War 2 didn’t end in 1945, but rather continued on in some way shape or manner into the 1950s. We will update you all as soon as we know more about that situation.

Will COD 2021 Receive It’s Own Warzone Map?

Yes. Each and every Call of Duty title for at LEAST the next 5 years will have its own footprint on Warzone.

With the way things are currently going with the integration of Black Ops Cold War into Call of Duty Warzone, we can assume this means a new map for each game title. The game should also have it’s weapons and assets ported over to Warzone to continue to grow the overwhelming amount of content available in the Free To Play Battle Royale game by Call of Duty and it’s studios.

Too Long Didn’t Read

  • Call of Duty 2021 is set during WWII and potentially after.
  • Potential for a Fictitious WWII setting where it didn’t end in 1945.
  • Main studio developer for COD 2021 is Sledgehammer Games
  • Will Be Added to Warzone
  • Working Title for COD 2021 is Call of Duty WWII: Vanguard, per sources.

Hopefully this clears the air and stops the spawning of fake 4chan leaks about COD 2021. While these aren’t super deep details about the game, at least this clarifies some of the timeline and the type of content we can expect to see from the next Call of Duty Franchise entry.

As previously stated, we will update you all and this article as we learn more about Call of Duty 2021 / WWII Vangaurd.

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  1. Maybe this is a stretch, but the Korean War did take place in the 1950s and used a lot of WW2 equipment. Maybe some cutscenes take place in that war too?

  2. Please stop. Your marketing is bad !!!
    CW:Warzone update broken this game. You promis balance patches for weapon but nothing happen. Every one playing CW weapons bcs OverPowered like sh**…..
    Start fixing your game or stop…..

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