Call of Duty Warzone Trick or Treat Event: Where To Get Rewards

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October 19, 2020

Doug Dagnabbit

Doug Dagnabbit


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Today Call of Duty released the official trailer for their newest event for Call of Duty Warzone, The Haunting of Verdansk. In this Halloween and horror themed event Warzone players will become Trick or Treat enthusiasts as they unlock unique and exclusive rewards through in game loot crates.

SAW in Call of Duty

We’re going to break down where to find these loot crates, and what you need to do to net yourself all of the rewards available in this limited time mode!

Call of Duty Warzone Horror Movie Bundles

The Haunting of Verdansk will begin on October 20th and will run through the end of Halloween. Included in the event are Leatherface and Billy, which are from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the SAW movie franchises. These will be purchasable as bundles in the Call of Duty store.

Also included is a Jason Vorhees like bundle, as well as a bundle for Dr. Karlov. Dr Karlov’s bundle comes with lightning tracer effects as well as a brand new throwing knife with it’s own special effects.

Call of Duty Warzone Trick or Treat Rewards

You can earn over a dozen free items through the Trick or Treat scavenger hunt during The Haunting in Verdansk limited-time event. Some of these items include blueprint weapons, charms and calling cards. There are also rare, epic, and legendary items that can be earned in this LTM.

To obtain these items you will need to go into Warzone in search of special Trick or Treat Supply Boxes. These special supply boxes will have a chance at rewarding you with a permanent unlock that is unique to each individual area.

Trick or Treat Warzone Reward

Not only are all of these items specifically themed for Halloween, but they are going to be exclusive to this limited time mode as far as we are aware. This means that if you don’t get them now, you may be waiting until NEXT Halloween for another chance.

One of the most notable rewards you can earn is a legendary melee blueprint that turns your knife into a cleaver! Don’t miss out on these items!

Call of Duty Warzone Cleaver

Below we will show you where you need to go in Verdansk to obtain these unique rewards! 

Where Warzone Trick or Treat Rewards Will Spawn

Trick or Treat supply boxes will be located in 16 designated spawn areas throughout Verdansk. Each has a chance at rewarding you with a permanent item unlock that is unique that that area.

However that isn’t the only thing the loot boxes contain. They may also contain a “trick” which will be a jump scare, as ModernWarzone previously reported on twitter. These jump scares will be quite loud and are meant to be disturbing so be sure to stay on your toes!

Here are the 16 spawn areas for Trick or Treat Supply Boxes in Warzone!

  1. Gora Dam
  2. Arklov Peak Military Base
  3. Karst River Quarry
  4. Verdansk International Airport
  5. Storage Town
  6. Atlas Superstore
  7. Zhokov Boneyard
  8. Hospital
  9. Novi Grazna Hills
  10. Broadcast TV Station
  11. Verdansk Stadium
  12. Downtown
  13. Lumber Yard
  14. Port of Verdansk
  15. Prison (Gulag)

Well, I said 16, but it appears that the Call of Duty Blog itself actually only has 15 locations listed at the moment. This is basically every named location in Warzone with a few exceptions. We will update you with a more detailed and refined guide on where to find Trick or Treat loot boxes as soon as we can.

Final Reward for Finding All Unique Rewards in Verdansk

After finding all 16 unique rewards available during the Haunting in Verdansk limited-time event you will be rewarded with a unique Grau blueprint. The “Pumpkin Punisher” Assault Rifle Juliet blueprint will be what you receive for your efforts in Verdansk.

It comes with a FSS 20.8 Nexus Barrel, Commando Foregrip, Tac Laser, PBX 7 Holo Sight and FSS Blackjack stock. There aren’t any tracer rounds or special effects sadly.

That’s all you need to know about how to receive rewards in The Haunting in Verdansk limited time mode by going Trick or Treating! If there’s anything we missed be sure to let us know in the comments down below.

We want to know how you feel about the newest event coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone! Are you excited? Do you think it will be fun or just gimmicky and you’ll be tired of it within a week! Be sure to let us know and follow us over on twitter to keep up with everything about Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War!


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14 Responses

  1. Having a hard time finding superstore loot. If a player find it first does the loot respawn or is it the first one that gets to it?

  2. I have completed all 16 challenges on the Halloween event and can’t find the pumpkin punisher blue print anywhere?

    Am I missing something here?

    I really wana use it and have restarted my game multiple times and joined other game modes still nothing???

  3. I have completed all 16 challenges on the Halloween event and can’t find the pumpkin punisher blue print anywhere?

    Am I missing something here?

    I really wana use it and have restarted my game multiple times and joined other game modes still nothing????

  4. For some reason it didn’t give me the Grau after I completed the war zone Halloween event it just says 16/16 and I tried reloading my call of duty and that didn’t work

  5. i would like to know if it is at the prison for the cleaver or if you need to go into a regular match and luckily find one?

  6. I found all the 16 loot items and didn´t receive the pumpkin punisher, I just waited until the end of the event to receive the item but never got it, please help!!

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