Warzone Haunting Of Verdansk Pumpkin Punisher Bug Fix

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October 26, 2020

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

The Haunting Of Verdansk


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Right now, you can drop into Call of Duty: Warzone and collect 16 pieces of limited-time loot apart of the game’s Haunting of Verdansk trick-or-treat event. By collecting all 16 pieces of loot, you should be rewarded with a new “Pumpkin Punisher” Grau blueprint.

However, some players are reporting that they have yet to receive their “Pumpkin Punisher” blueprint despite collecting every limited-time item. Co-Design Director of Multiplayer at Infinity Ward Joe Cecot has revealed that this bug will be fixed in the next big update but, for those who want the reward now, there may be a workaround.

A Potential Bug Fix For Warzone’s The Haunting Of Verdansk Trick-Or-Treat Event

Cecot suggests that all Call of Duty: Warzone players who are having issues with this bug could go through the trick-or-treat locations again to ensure that the game registers every box properly. Here’s how Cecot put it:


It’s not an easy workaround for Call of Duty: Warzone players but, at least it’s something that may help. Plus, it’s good to hear that Infinity Ward is working on a patch that’ll reward everyone who completed the scavenger hunt with the Grau blueprint. So, anyone who is struggling with this workaround or decides to just wait it out should receive their rewards sometime next month.

You can check out our trick-or-treat guide for Warzone’s The Haunting of Verdansk event here. And for more Call of Duty news, be sure to follow ModernWarzone on Twitter!

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154 Responses

  1. Warzone just fix the damn bug a lot of people may not even be able to get it and no one wants to waist hours of there time trying to unlock a blue print they should already have just plz fix it

    1. I agree I unlocked this after hours of playing and now don’t have anything to show for it so your telling me to spend those hours doing it again?! This is ridiculous and honestly now there going to probably give everyone the skin so there was no point to us unlocking everything so the people who did the best actually lose by unlocking everything early during the bug!!

      1. Dude they said they’re only giving the award to people who completed the scavenger hunt (So in other words you) the rifle in the next update this coming Tuesday. So you don’t have to do anything, literally.

      1. It’s November 1st and i just finished all of them and it didn’t give me the gun I’m so mad bc it took forever to get the last chest at superstore took me forever and I didn’t get the gun so hopefully they fix it next update

      1. Hey Doug I was wondering if that update came out. I have completed everything and still don’t have the gun. I liked the hunt once but I really just don’t want to do it twice. I hope you have a great day and let me know

    2. I agree with you. I’m not spending hours of running around on warzone just to do it all again when it was hard enough first time round. Really struggled with the last one at the dam. Was an absolute bitch to get and tbh. I shouldn’t have to run round doing it all again. So please do something to fix this problem as was really looking forward to seeing what the gun itself was like.

  2. On Friday night i was playing warzone to get the blueprint and the last location I needed to get was tv station and when I got the last reward I left the match because I was excited about the gun but to this day I haven’t got the gun blueprint and yet I got everything rewards but no gun blueprint

      1. I have still not received an update with my gun variant. I’ve completed all the tasks TWICE, and still nothing. It’s the 31st. I wasted a sold 40 hours grinding for this variant and to have been promised an update on the 28th, and it’s now the 31st, is a real disappointment Activision. You need to remedy this for your repeat customer base.

    1. I agree with you mate. They really do need to sort it out. Like you I got everything except for the blueprint itself. It was hard enough doing it. Just to do it all again. I think. Just give me what I’m owed please.

  3. They think this is good enough? It has to affected me, I got the blueprint, but this ‘solution’ is not good enough. Lazy devs just don’t want to put the work in right now.

    1. … is a gun blueprint really that big of a deal? it’s not even that good of one.. and you’ll still end up getting it anyway

  4. I went back to the location (area) where I found my 1st “treat”. Opened the lucky crate and boom. New blueprint added

  5. Will y’all please fix the bug where you go to the load out to pick your class but you get stuck into the crate …….please

  6. I am pretty sour really, like people grind and then are rewarded nothing for their time. I am one more of these lifestyle bugs away from deleting the game and staying with my preferred battlefield, at least they actually give the content that they say they will.

      1. Hi. I just did it all and didn’t get it ao thought I’d check here quick. Im just curious if the update came out already? My internet is pretty sucky so I dont know if it came out or not.

  7. How do you know if you are in the right area? What are considered this events “effects” when open loot chests?

    1. You will see confetti or a burst of flames when u open the box, if you see flames you got it! If its confetti, then your gonna have to keep looking

  8. Hey there Warfareteers!!! You guys rocked this game hard ,one hundred percent. Been loyal to COD since it’s first debut n still in the killing fields punishing the opposing teams. Anyways ,I’ve been having a technical difficulty w one of my operators ,Mil Sim . My mission is to buy back or revive a teammate to complete the mission. In which I’ve done several times over n some. Problem is ,the game isn’t recognizing my completed mission n won’t upgrade Mil Sim . Been stuck doing this since August . What am I doing wrong ?? Help me out here . Thanks Infinity Ward.

  9. My husband and I play Warzone and this new feature for Halloween is awesomeness in a frigging bottle. Unfortunately, we too had the same problem but it worked out on its own.

    We both were doing the Trick-or-Treat collecting and I went where he opened boxes and he did the same for me. He got the full prize gun first and mine wasn’t working… no boxes would open for the treat. About 8 boxes in we still couldn’t find a treat. I reset my Xbox and we tried one more time and the Candy was in the area location.

    We can only guess that loads of time playing does glitch in limited time update themes such as this update for Halloween.

    Suggestions would be to reset the game and or console if your having issues. It worked for me. Thnx 🙂

    1. So I recently bought the saw character package.

      His finishing move, with an axe to the stomach was great.

      Unfortunately I tried out another finishing move, (the bat eating head)

      Now, it won’t allow me to swap back to original move with the ax.

      It’s not even an option.

      I paid $20 for the package. Character plus the finishing move etc. (2400 cp points)

      Can you please fix this.

  10. It’s pretty frustrating that they’re not making an effort to fix the bug before Halloween. I mean, it’s a Halloween event. For all the money people sink into this game, it’s really disappointing to see such a lack of effort on activision’s part.

  11. Tried this. Found one that showed the same animation, with the flames. Still didn’t unlock it. What a joke this game has become. I’m so glad I don’t pay for the battle pass. They don’t deserve any more money. Fix the game!

    1. I’ve tried multiple times to get the one at the airport but It doesn’t appear. I’ve opened somewhere between 20-30 boxes everything, but there’s no confetti at all.

      Can you please do something about the bug?

  12. Well there is #1 problem i hate when people quit on a match while playing cause i already have the gun and its probably cause i never once just backed out a match at all until all they all started leaving when they didnt get it or did get it and i hate that man if your start a game you finish the game!!

  13. I jumped on the train during a plunder match. I opened a box and stay on the train for the duration. It finally unlocked halfway through my trip

  14. So still no fix for the JTTFIII skin though h’uh? I see it was easier to just remove it…like it never existed and the hours players wasted trying to unlock it doesn’t matter one bit.Just one more broken challenge that’s all…move along, nothing to see here.

  15. I didn’t receive my holloween blueprint either finished the rewards in 3 days of it starting and was excited to play with my nephew and NO BLUEPRINT.

  16. Same problem here friend. But since they are really bad at release notes ( open and closed caveats ) , no one knows where that bug is in the backlog I think.

    1. Same here. I dont play during the week (Online school is horrible and that makes me rush.) but hopefully they will have it fixed by Friday, and if they don’t and i think its going to happen because of Cold War and all that. They probably just threw the complaints away if we are being real. I say that because of the lack of effort in MW right now. At least we still got the rewards but are sadly not going to be getting the blueprint.

  17. Sucks because I was able to help my wife get it in a day in the half and my account got hit with the glitch and now on my 5th day trying to back track all the locations for my own account to credit me

  18. I havent received the pumpkin punisher yet but I did get all 16 boxes. Activision said that it would be under investigation. So I hope it works out. Another thing, i completed the challenge to kill 5 times in a minute 25 times to unlock the Grau tree. Inhave done this many a time but there is a glitch where it reports only 12 times. This is crap and they said i would have to make a video and send it to them on YouTube. Bunch of crap!!!!!!! Fix the darn things so I dont have to go thru the nonsense to do their job!!

  19. I have completed all 16 crates and I didn’t get my blueprint. I’m on of the unfortunate one that didn’t get it. How can I get my get?

  20. I got my 16th item at the stadium, ended up finishing the game in first so i had to watch the whole schpiel…as soon as the match was over mine was available

  21. What are you guys going to do about all the hackers that have popped up. I have encountered a boat load of wall hackers and aimbots yesterday in one game, and you can see the cheats being used on the after kill cam. This makes it unbearable for honest players. Ironhide09

  22. You. An do a small update. By the time the BIG UPDATE is done Halloween is over… and why the heck isnt the warzone at night anymore… lame. I’m disappointed in this game. I’m not purchasing cold war. Why waste my money.

  23. You can fix this with a small update. By the time you get to the BIG UPDATE Halloween will be over and that’s senseless.
    Why isn’t warzone plunder in the dark anymore? That’s what made me want to play it.
    If this is how warzone’s problems are fixed I’m not wasting my money on Cold War.

  24. This is really messed up my friends and I grinded these loots together and literally got all the loots TOGETHER and I’m the o ly one out of the three of us that have not got the loot I’ve tried going back and redoing all the areas still nothing…. This must get fixed

  25. Not much value in this game anymore. I was paired up with a player who was using an aimbot. Sending ropes of bullets all over the map, with 58 kills. And he admitted it after we won. Hard to want to play when players like this are still running rampant.

  26. I got mines as soon as I completed it so a did but other people didn’t as a have said the game has been a disappointment from release so it has due to all the bugs in the game they rushed to finish it and as an end result made the game unbearable at time so sort your stuff out

  27. They want you to keep playing because that puts more people in game and looks good for their overall statistics. This is why they don’t want to fix the bug and want you to have to spend hours and game again.

  28. Did all the loot boxes got all 16 anf no blueprint very dissapointed in having to wait.. these bugs nd screw ups are screwed up for players who spent hrs just to get that blueprint to have to wqit til nxt month thats bs its halloween this month not next!

  29. The game contually gets updated with new stuff, which is great, but then they take away game play that is liked and rewards are consistently failing to be awarded. With the money we spend on the game and countless hours we play it’s not worth it. Give us what we pay for!!! Quit ripping us off. The game has been let down after let down.

  30. Mine shows all complete except the port but when I go there none of the chest unlock it. It has a check mark on it when you look at it but still locked. I have gotten well over 100 boxs without unlocking it.

  31. Have you released the update for the blueprint already? I literally just got all the items and I got the bug too. The game had to update in-game but I still don’t have the blueprint. I took a snapshot to prove I got all the items just in case but i was just wondering if the update had already came out today?

  32. Yeah I’ve done it all, went threw alot at the superstore sooo many times to finally say I’m done but yeah no gun, and i don’t know about going threw hell again lol. So the update how would those who done it all get the gun? Like how do you know who did it?

  33. I went threw all in the Superstore and now you’re saying go threw it again?? Psh took me days and hours to get everything, how and when will it be fixed?? Do you contact us directly?

  34. It’s 11:44pm (EST) and at the moment, the Pumpkin Punisher blueprint is still not unlocking, after completing the event. I finished the event on day 2 of the event, and have tried grinding locations hoping for the blueprint to unlock, still nothing. Is there anything that can be done, to trigger the blueprint besides doing the locations over and over?

    1. Update:

      Successfully went through every location again and waited to get the “flame and confetti” from each location, and still not unlocked.

      After the update, confirmed that I do not have the Pumpkin Punisher blueprint, although I completed the event.

  35. bull crap dude its now 9pm and no update stop giving false info i tried the work around for the punisher and it didnt work

  36. None of us should have to wait after unlocking it. I just finished the event after T.V. station took 2 days to load a treat and I dont have the Blueprint. We shouldn’t have to redo the event and im sure alot of us won’t so really I wasted the past 3-4days doing an event that wont be rewarded unless they unlock the blueprint for every player whether they did the challenge or not👎 Why make an event if you cant have the foresight to check the bugs and make sure you can do it.

  37. I got all 16 but no pumpkin punisher. I remember I opened a legendary crates on train but no boom! Then after that match It show I got a treat on train location. Now I gotta get back to train if this way fixed the bug.

  38. Still bugged. Just finished and still no luck. And if the game didnt log it properly, than wouldn’t you guys see it not logged on CODs end… I really want to do the events, and get some of the blueprints that you dont have to PAY for. Turning a competitive game into pay to win.

  39. Did all the challenges, still have not gotten the Grau blueprint after double checking every location. Has the patch to give the gun released yet?

  40. This Bug continues as of last night I unlocked the last one in Superstore. I get the animation for complete but no Pumpkin Punisher

  41. I got all 16 and I never got the Pumpkin Punisher. I tried re-doing it all and still nothing. I really hope that you guys can fix it and I get my gun.

  42. I spent lots of time trying to complete the event and finally did and was extremely disappointed that I got no gun… I really want that gun please please please fix this asap

  43. so am i still gonna be able to get it after the event ends? i completed all 16 and nothing . i got it the second day it came out and have nothing till this day. damn shame.

  44. hello there. I have waited for the update that fixes this bug but still no blueprint and it is now the 3rd November.
    I of course went round the map for days after completing the event to retry all of the boxes and no confetti,flames or jump scares at all.
    I checked each unlock individually over and over again and i can use every charm/spray/etc.
    So therefor i definitely have all 16 individual unlocks but no pumpkin smasher for my Grau.
    Any idea what is going on with it as both my friend and i have same situation?
    Thanks in advance

  45. November 3rd and still don’t have it after completing and the Halloween thing is gone now am I still getting it or not

  46. It said the post Halloween update would fix it I still don’t see the skin in the armory for GRAU. I even went through every location twice opening at least 3 boxes in each location. Nothing. I stopped because I read that the post Halloween update would fix it. What now? Where’s the pumpkin skin? So unfair and lame.

  47. I still haven’t received the pumpkin punisher blue print even tho I got all the unlocks and went back through to all locations to try to get the glitch to fix it self. I saw the completion page 4 times but no blue print even with Tuesdays update.

    Please can you fix this for me I was super excited as I was the first out of my group to finish it but the last to get the blue print 😟

  48. I completed the Halloween even and still have not got the blueprint that was promised. Its been over two weeks since I’ve finished the event.

  49. I still have not received my blueprint. I went through and completed all 16 twice and it did not work.

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