Unlimited Juggernaut and Killstreak Duplication Glitch in Warzone

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December 6, 2020

Doug Dagnabbit

Doug Dagnabbit


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Unlimited Juggernaut Glitch Exposed by JGOD

Juggernauts have been plaguing Warzone for most of Season 6, and players have already had enough of it. To make matters worse, popular call of duty youtuber and content creator JGOD has posted a new video showcasing how to get an UNLIMITED amount of them. This means that you may start running into ENTIRE SQUADS of Juggernauts in Warzone, at least until Activision or Infinity Ward release a patch for it. Here’s how it works.

Getting a Guaranteed Juggernaut in Warzone

JGOD has also called players of the hit free to play battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone to abuse this glitch as much as possible to ensure that it get’s the attention of Activision and developers. This may seem like a bad method to some, but honestly it works. If the player base exposes this glitch and abuse it, it is more likely to be patched ASAP. Some Warzone glitches in the past have gone undetected by the community at large and have led to players getting wins from those exploits.

To get a juggernaut in Warzone today, you have to complete the downtown easter egg that gives you access to the maintenance station subway train, which contains some of the best loot in Warzone. From advanced UAV’s to Juggernauts and every killstreak in between, you can obtain them all here. The actual process of completing the easter egg is a bit more complicated than this article intends to be, so we will share the video guide we originally release for it below.

How to Get Unlimited Juggernauts

As JGOD mentions, it’s a bit tricky with the timing, but the process itself is simple. All that is required is a juggernaut, and another killstreak. The player must pull out the juggernaut as they swap their killstreak with one laying on the ground near them. If timed correctly, the player will be holding a killstreak in their inventory, along with a juggernaut in their hand AS WELL AS the juggernaut they just had being on the ground.

This can be duplicated an infinite number of times, and can be done anywhere with the juggernaut. For example, you could take the juggernaut and another killstreak to the middle of the first zone, and call in as many juggernauts as you can there. You could even have enough for an entire squad of 4 to have them in Verdansk, while having another 4 juggernauts waiting in case of an untimely death and subsequent gulag.

Update: Within an hour of the posting of this article, a 4 man team of juggernauts just won a Warzone match.

Source: ih8thecold , JGOD

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3 Responses

  1. COD War zone Must be better at finding these glitches. Many of us play to have fun. When one or many exploit things like this, it takes from the integrity of the game and Why we play. I have only gotten a first place finish Once and it took everything we had(trios) to win 1st place. It was a great feeling. I won’t even play War Zone until they fix it. I think more ppl should do the same.

  2. STOP POSTING WAY’S TO UNFAIRLY WIN GAMES! YOU GUYS ARE BIG TRASH FOR THIS. Even if it’s just redistribution of the video, you are just helping it get into more hands. This glitch in other games would be considered an exploit to use it. Get better content and stop copy and pasting everything

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