New Call of Duty Warzone Season 6 Secret Subway Easter Egg Guide

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September 30, 2020

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Warzone Season 6


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Table of Contents

There’s a new Easter Egg in Call of Duty Warzone Season 6 and once completed, you could earn a ton of great loot including a brand-new killstreak (Foresight), a Juggernaut Suit, a Durable Gas Mask, and a cool blueprint for the Bruen LMG called the “Firebrand Blueprint.” We have a YouTube video out now covering this Easter Egg and how to complete it. You can check out the video down below:

For those of you who didn’t check out this awesome video from ModernWarzone’s Doug Dagnabbit, we still have you covered. Here is a written guide on how to complete this Warzone season 6 Easter Egg:

1. The majority of this Easter Egg requires you to be inside the Parliament building located in Downtown, Verdansk. Before you do anything, check out this building, find the paintings in the building, and get familiarized with them. It doesn’t matter how you do it. You can even assign a coding system to the paintings if you want. Just be sure to get your bearings on where everything is in the building and a system in place for your team to quickly get the information to the person on the computer. This will all make sense in a few moments, we promise.

2. Okay, now let’s actually get into the Easter Egg. Go behind the main desk in the Parliament building. There should be a keypad there.

3. Type 2179 into the keypad. Once you do this, the building will go into lockdown and start to fill up with toxic gas. But, don’t worry. If you already followed step one of this guide, this is going to be an easy process. Look on the bright side though. At least nobody can kill you while you are trying to complete this section of the Easter Egg.

4. In the room with the keypad, you should see a computer. Have one member of your squad interact with the computer. But, be warned. Whoever interacts with the computer will be locked in until you all either successfully crack the code or die miserably. Let’s shoot for the first outcome.

5. The person on the computer will see various paintings followed by a number. That person’s job is to call out the painting and the accompanying number to their squadmates.

6. The rest of the squad will have to position themselves across the room and look at the different paintings. Make a note of which paintings have plaques with roman numerals on them. Those are the paintings that matter. That way, whenever the person on the computer calls out their painting and number, they’ll be able to properly communicate back to them on what the right final number is. Furthermore, there is a painting of a blond man that you may need to find. That painting can be found broken and on the floor. 

7. You are almost done with this section, we promise. Here’s what the person on the computer will see when typing in the final code:

Warzone Season 6

8. As you can see, the person on the computer is going to type in 8 total digits that will ultimately show a 4-digit code. So, they will input the top half of the 4 numbers followed by the bottom half of the 4 numbers. That sounds so much more complicated on paper than it really is though. And in case you didn’t know, you’ll enter the code in the same order as the computer shows you the paintings. If successful, you should be able to move on to the next and final part of the Warzone Season 6 Easter Egg.

9. You should get a new prompt that reads Subway Override Authorized. Now, you can leave the Parliament building and head out to the Verdansk Airport Metro Station for the final step in this Warzone Easter Egg.

10. Go down into the Airport Metro Station and activate the computer in the station. The computer is directly underneath the emergency escape manhole cover near the station.

11. Once you activate the computer, head down to the platform and hop on the newly arrived train. If the calling stations above the train are glitching out, you know you completed the Easter Egg correctly and the train will actually take you to the loot.

12. You should be teleported to somewhere near the top of the dam. In this secret area, you’ll find loot such as Miniguns, Juggernaut Suits, Specialist Bonuses, Precision Airstrikes, Advanced UAVs, a Durable Gas Mask, and other legendary pieces of plunder. You can also find a new killstreak called Foresight, which shows you every circle in the game. Upon completing this Easter Egg, you’ll get the exclusive Firebrand Blueprint for the Bruen.

All in all, this Easter Egg does seem like a lot but it’s really not as daunting as you would think. Plus, that Bruen blueprint makes this Easter Egg worth completing. At least once, anyway.

Have you tried to complete the Firebrand Blueprint Easter Egg in Modern Warfare Season 6 yet? Are you enjoying the new Metro Stations in Call of Duty Warzone? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to follow ModernWarzone on Twitter for the latest Call of Duty news.

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  1. The person controlling the PC with the pictures and added or subtracted numbers is not locked in to just view the computer you can get the code multiple times if you’ve forgotten things. I’m an avid Easter egg Hunter. Need some people’s to do it with! Lapcat#2306673

    1. Me and my squad have done it, and we’re gonna do it again beacuse wr didn’t find the jugg the first time round, u r welcome to join, we can help u get the new blueprint

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