Modern Warfare Update 1.28 Allows PC To Remove Unused Files

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October 13, 2020

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Modern Warfare


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Production Director at Infinity Ward Paul Haile has announced that this week’s 1.28 update for Modern Warfare will finally allow PC players to uninstall game modes they don’t use or want.

As we all know, Modern Warfare takes up a ridiculous amount of storage space. There are several huge modes in the full game and Infinity Ward sends out new updates every week. And some of those patches are massive due to content updates or various bug fixes. To free up space, PS4 and Xbox One players can simply delete unused game modes. PC users haven’t been so lucky.

As previously reported by PC Gamer, the immensely popular first-person shooter could no longer fit on a 250GB SSD. That is absolutely insane! It was clear that something had to change and luckily, PC players will soon be able to free up some much-needed storage space.

The 1.28 update for Modern Warfare will roll out tomorrow on Wednesday, October 14th at 2 AM ET. Players on PS4 can pre-load the roughly 9-10 GB update right now.

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