Modern Warfare To Receive New Content After Season 6

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November 23, 2020

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Modern Warfare


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Modern Warfare Season 6 is now over. Black Ops Cold War is quickly approaching its first season, which is also when the game will be integrated with Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare. So, you would assume that Infinity Ward is done making content specifically for Modern Warfare. Right?

Turns out, the team at Infinity Ward isn’t done with the game just yet. This comes from Reed Shingledecker, who is the Lead Multiplayer VFX Artist at Infinity Ward. On Twitter, Shingledecker was asked if Modern Warfare would receive a seventh season. Here was the developer’s reply:

Same here Reed. Same here.

Previously, we at ModernWarzone have reported that a full seventh season for Modern Warfare is unlikely. That being said, based on rumors around the internet and things we have heard, there’s still a lot more content coming to the 2019 first-person shooter. This includes more maps and operators. We’ll be sure to update you on what to expect from these content drops as soon as we learn more.

For more Call of Duty coverage from ModernWarzone, check out this article on when you can play Black Ops Cold War’s new upcoming map, Nuketown ’84. If you want to read more about how the shared progression will work in MW, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Black Ops Cold War after BOCW Season 1 starts, click here.

What are your thoughts on MW getting more content after Season 6? What potential maps or operators are you hoping to see added? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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30 Responses

  1. Modern warfare/warzone is the best thing that happened to the franchise. Might as well copy the concept of cod mobile were they just continously bring new patches every month. This will also gather the players together. Some are left playing bo2, bo3, bo 4 etc.. players are scattered. Make a game were we all play together, no one being left behind on some old titles. Just bring new content to mw and warzone monthly

  2. You should add john wick and his execution should be a pencil stab… Melee weapon is pencil and his weapon is a kilo

  3. I don’t really care for Cold War multiplayer as it looks nothing like what a war zone really looks like. Too cinematic for me…

  4. It needs to end and die in a hole like all the other cod’s for when the new ones release, and I’m especially ready for warzone to change a whole year of that bs is enough I would much rather play blackout over warzone any day of the week so hopefully they implement some of those systems in and the weapon tier system they have from zombies would make it even more interesting too so then people wouldn’t just buy their weapons every game.

  5. Fuck activison an warzone they wonder why fortnite stays the most popular cuz of this bull shit right here a game that’s barely been out a year they already done with for their 56th installment of COD an Cold War sucks!

  6. For the last few days, every time I started to play MULTI PLAYER on Modern Warfare, it would load up the level then about 30 seconds into the game myself & 5 others of my friends would get a black screen then kicked out the game and sent back to the title screen with a different code each… Why is this happening?? ?

  7. There will not be a new season for Warzone. The season will be reset at December 10. That season will be called as Season 1 for Cold War. All of the content for warzone will be attached to Cold War and if you want to achieve contents in Season 1 you must be playing Cold War or Warzone to finish all the contents not MW anymore. Peace.

    Dev Team.

    1. Can’t seem to find any information to be able to confirm you are with Activision, can you send any credentials over?

  8. Not a fan of Black Ops. Not buying it. Infinity Ward makes the smoother superior game. I’ll be paying/playing MW for as long as I can.

  9. I wish they would do the Crossfire map from COD4. Wetwork and Bog would be fun too. I’m tired of the shitty maps they keep releasing.

  10. I want the new season 7 come out on the new Call of Duty I’ve been playing the season 127 I want to play season 7 Please Release it soon

  11. I really feel that there should be a seventh season hell name it MW seventh season finale. This game should he more then what it is now.

  12. Y’all never included a Michael Myers theme for Halloween. That would be pretty sweet to have as an add on operator

  13. To the makers of Modern Warfare/Warzone! We want a season 7!!!!! As a game, it has been the best of its kind. To have new content and “SEASONS” on a regular basis would not only be amazing for gamers, but a goldmine for the makers! Be smart and appreciate your loyal fans who love Modern Warefare and now Warzone! Keep the Seasons coming!!!!
    ? RACHELGUNZZ513 ?

  14. This game is free to play. So, nothing new for free players who just want to enjoy the game. Looks like the developers are becoming more profit oriented rather than giving good content both for premium players as well as free players. Every season had a free multiplayer weekend, where the free players could level up their weapons fast, but now they’re gone. Only playlists are updating in the name of new content, and of course, new operators, who are only available if you purchase the Legendary “Battle Pass”. The game was supposed to be a fun, but now it is a big pain. Campers are swarming in every match. Particularly some guns are very overpowered, from the very beginning. Some guns have so much recoil, it feels like firing a handheld cannon, and some guns are so less recoil, they feel like nerf guns.

    In short, lots of players have huge problems like me. I’m not telling because I’m bad at the game, I’m telling because the developers need to rethink about players enjoyment and quality over quantity content.

    Till then….. Have fun, Stay Frosty…..

  15. I like how you are still working on the game against apex legends you are trying to make new content, but …….. please ….. do something with that optimization …. it’s unbearable … On the computer it goes cum further worse and laptop? I haven’t played on it since 3 seasons … at 3 it was cool, but now? unplayable, drop fps … if you don’t focus on it, you will lose nrace and end up as PUBG or Apex … discuss with nVidia and AMD … thank you

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