Live Event, Dam Missile Attack in Warzone

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June 3, 2020

Doug Dagnabbit

Doug Dagnabbit


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Season 4 Live Event Warzone

By now I’m sure you’ve seen some of the rumors about the upcoming live event in Warzone. VGC News (The first to announce Warzone release on 3/10) have shared that Warzone has an in game meta event happening right now, that will end with the reveal of Call of Duty 2020, or as we know now, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

What this “meta” event will be has been the topic of discussion for the COD community since the news was revealed. There are many theories out there, some of which include

  • The Dam breaking
  • The Nuclear warhead in Bunker 11 going off
  • A new map (Urzikstan)
  • AQ invading the map and an all out War ensuing in Verdansk


Interestingly enough, there are in-game files that refer to a BR public event titled “Bombardment.” Could this be the missile attack on the Dam?

We are going to break down some of the evidence that supports the Dam breaking, as well as datamined code detailing ice cracking, destruction, and a flood of the Warzone map.. We will start with the image I shared in my youtube video covering the Dam having running water flowing behind it. 

The screenshot clearly shows that there is something happening behind the dam, what exactly is happening has been widely debated. I believe it is either water rushing through the dam, or an avalanche caused by something behind the dam. These two options are both plausible.

However there’s even more in that screenshot that many have written off as a “helicopter” exploding. This is not true. Players think that the edge of the explosion shows a helicopter blade, which it does not. It actually shows a large missile striking the skybridge under the dam highway. There are 2 missiles seen in this screenshot.

The catch is that the missile matches up almost exactly to what a cluster strike missile looks like. We did a lot of looking into this to attempt to completely debunk that this is worthwhile information, but we could not. We took a long hard look at cluster strikes and how they function, and nothing appears to match the image of missiles the screenshot is showing based on the angle of entry of the missile. In-game clusters come in at a much steeper angle (45 degrees or more)  than the one seen on the dam screenshot.

What does this mean? Well, originally we thought this confirmed that the dam would be coming down and that the live event would be focused around this event. We’ve seen several lines of code from a certain dataminer (RealGeekGaming) that detail the warzone map being flooded, as well as missiles, breaking the dam, and destruction and chaos ensuing throughout the map from this flood. However, after doing some digging we are unsure if this image or these datamined files are the concrete proof we first believed them to be.

Let’s get into the datamined strings about a flood and destruction in Warzone. These all come from a relatively new “dataminer” in the COD community who goes by GeekGaming. He released a motherload of coding to the COD OG’s discord. We initially believed these to be viable sources.

We have since done more digging and attempted to verify his findings through our own sources, and have been unable to corroborate 99% of the info he shared through any of our sources, who have not missed a beat when it comes to datamining.

The only things that our sources were able to confirm existed from his leaks were:

Dam Danger Zone

This does in fact exist in the files, but not at all for what Geek was attempting to leak it for. This is actually an in game challenge/mission involving doing contracts at the Gora Dam. Nothing to do with a live event, but at least the files exist!


There are files mentioning destruction, however none of them match up with what Geek reported. 

Thus far none of our sources have been able to confirm the ice cracking audio that he shared. Will update if we can confirm or deny these findings.

So, while we are excited for new Warzone news involving Season 4 and the live event, make sure to do proper research into the information you’re reading. Not all of it is verifiable or based in truth. 

Now we can move onto attempting to rationalize and debunk the missiles seen in the image striking the Dam’s skybridge.

Missile Debunk

Firstly, shoutout to twitter user Wolfey for pointing this out to me. It was right in our faces all along, but sometimes those are the hardest things to spot. Shoutout to any members of the community who have contributed to us or made us aware of info we otherwise would’ve missed.

We can not confirm or deny whether these are in game event missiles, or simply a cluster strike used for the image for marketing purposes that doesn’t act as a normal cluster strike would. We know that they’ve used the footage for marketing before that doesn’t exactly correlate with the way Warzone works IN-GAME, see the precision strike below for reference. No plane really flies that low in the Warzone.

We can confirm that it is NOT a helicopter and that the two parachuters seen are both from the Allegiance faction of Warzone.

The soldiers seen perishing on the skybridge are Coalition. This leads us to believe that this image is directly related to the upcoming event, which is centered around the possibility of a war ensuing in Verdansk centered around AQ and Zakhaev vs Coalition as the Allegiance attempts to recover the nuke found in Bunker 11.

Source: @MrDalekJD

The fact still remains that you can clearly see either an avalanche or a plethora of running water in the image containing the missiles. I can’t see why they would have something like this in the image if it wasn’t going to come to fruition at SOME point.

No one has been able to verify the missile striking or dam breaking code in the files, so take all of what you’ve seen from this miner with a grain of salt. We will soon find out if his findings were real or self-made. Hopefully, Season 4 is released sooner, rather than later so we can all stop playing CSI and just get our hands on it and get to see the live event for ourselves.

We’ll end by throwing you a bone of sorts. The spy plane many leakers have been speaking of from the files will be in Warzone and connect to the live event.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in these tumultuous times in the world. Thanks for coming by, and we look forward to bringing you more VERIFIABLE leaks and news in the future. Doug, out.

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  1. Hi! Just did some searching regarding the title screen and all the numbers and random stuff going on. Weirdly I (after a while) found google reacting to a bunch of theese numbers sending me to a Wikipedia article about something called “L’Hopital’s rule” in mathematics, or Calculus. Mathematical study of continuous change. It breaks down to Differential and Integral. First is used in rates of change and sloops of curves. Like i.e, calculating a long range missil to hit a specific target? It’s faaaar fetched, but it’s spesific tho. Like 2 page Google specific. Cheers

    1. EDIT

      I have to take back both my comments, I’m not a professor understanding 1/10 of this.

      I got carried faaaar away looking for clues pretending to be a smartass, don’t know how to delete so Doug if you read this please delete my comments. And I’m very sorry for posting before thinking on your blog man.

  2. Googling “log set ID-F 30.10 g 0.62 ter 301.42” from the title screen got me to an article about “L’hopitals rule” in mathematics. Which seems to be useable to calculate a long range missile to a specific target as the dam?

  3. Now see if they’d bring more stuff into plunder as well that would be awesome and muchly appreciated big time we get those contraband missions once in a blue moon I did two of em 2nd time I got absolutely nothing but my team did it’s be nice to see maybe a captured mission Where a team captures one of your team mates and you have certain amount of time to rescue them if successful then you could unlock a weapon or operator skin or stuff like that and if not successful then the other team would get the cash and the bonus reward sorta like time limited events going on for a period of 1week or something like that

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