Glitch Allows Players To Launch Private Warzone Matches

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October 7, 2020

Doug Dagnabbit

Doug Dagnabbit

Warzone Season 6


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Private Warzone Matches

Private Matches have been a long requested feature for Warzone. Whether it be to just casually play with a large group of your friends or like minded individuals, hunt easter eggs, or compete in a tournament against your actual competition, players just want to see this feature added to the game.

We previously reported towards the end of Season 5 that private Warzone matches were coming SOON, but it seems something has stalled the game mode, whether it be development or new plans. Well today we have our first sign that we are closer than ever to Private Warzone Matches being released!

Warzone Private Match Lobby

Private Warzone Match Glitch Allows Players to Launch Private Lobby

We’ve been sent a clip from the original founders of this glitch, Detectivewaffle and GlitchHunterz over on twitter! They’ve been able to launch a Warzone private match lobby! In the clip in question, you will see that they start a private game of Mini Royale, with a lobby of about 24 people. So about a 3rd of what an actual game of Mini Royale takes, but none the less they’ve gotten it to launch!

Private Warzone Match Custom Settings

Private Warzone matches will not only allow you to play with your friends or direct competition in a tournament format, but will also allow the host to change some of the game rules! This includes game mode, circle size and speed, player health, whether tactical sprinting will be allowed and much more!

Warzone Private Match Rules

What Can You Do In Warzone Private Matches?

After originally posting we realized that there were actually a lot of questions from the community about what can and can not be done in a Warzone Private Match. So here’s a quick rundown.

  • You can NOT add bots as it is a Dedicated Server
  • You can NOT receive XP
  • You can NOT receive Battle Pass or Weapon XP
  • You CAN complete easter eggs such as the stadium and subway easter eggs that are currently available
  • Unsure yet whether it gives wins as a statistic, but you can safely expect that it will NOT

For now this is all the information that we have to share with you concerning Private Warzone matches and lobbies, if anything else comes our way we will be sure to update you all both here and on our twitter!

If you want to receive this information as soon as it’s released in the future be sure to sign up for our newsletter! Thanks for all of your support as always! Enjoy Season 6 and the broken R700 and VAL while you can!


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40 Responses

      1. Honestly this is something that is well long over due some of us as gamers are good in these games but have challanges we face on a daily basis which makes it tons time harder to achieve Easter eggs to obtain them unique blueprints I still haven’t been able to obtain the enigma or the new bruen that isn’t fair so I hope I’ll beable to get them come time for private matches being available I’d really appreciate that I feel Activision and Infinity Ward doesn’t have to much care in the world for gamers like us most only for content creators/streamers that’s not fair but regardless if be happy to see that I could do a private match of plunder or Battle Royale to obtain these blueprints

  1. This is jhst thier way of turning Warzone into We dont want to play Tip Whorezone! Its cool tho…i really dont want to play folks that cheat anyways! Twitch is backjng cheaters guys! They posted a BS scit on esports talk where tommy catches a cheater…lol please! Afterwards he states our job here is done like he cracked the case that ended all cheating! Do you believe the gall of these people?
    Anyways i would just like to thank you guys (Activision) for blessing this planet with your great games. Its been an honor and a pleasure to have gotten to play all the ones that i have. Unfortunately though at the moment im in dire need for money and have been for some time. Which is the very reason that i am seeking legal counsel towards anyone involved in allowing tyler Ninja blevins to use my name and logo from my account to make money that i should be recieving. If this affects Activision or causes you flack well i must apologize in advance because i am seeing this through. I have talked cried and practically begged on live stream multiple times only to be told by cheaters not to beg and to not make myself look like a sore loser. I am not going to play warzone until this matter is handled properly and i recieve my just due! So until then i bid you all a farewell…may God bless you…and dont let your meat loaf! This has been a great ride and i hope to return very soon, however you know how these things go! Again im sorry and i hope the players of whorezone formerly warzone can find it in themselves to not cheat anymore!

      1. Detailsatron has finally arrived , time to man the antimatter guns , eat a shit load of crap food and bed in for the next 48 years?

    1. Nobody has any idea who you are, should probably put the money you dont have towards something else. Probably rent instead of legal consult, just saying.

    1. Best hang out with the cheaters then. Dude we can all point a mouse at a thing, and use a keyboard, most of us actually use computers and mice at work in normal life. Using a controller is way more skilled , yes we have aim assist, but there’s a fucking good reasin for that, namely PC players ????????

  2. I would like to see private matches of Plunder in Warzone.
    I think the creators of GTA should get with Infinity Ward and create a Warzone in COD with live people and cars.

    1. NOWWWWW!!!!! YOU SIR ARE ON TO SOMETHING 🙂 a realistic warzone simulation with hostage rescue bomb defusing etc… Contracts that sounds more entertaining awesome comment thank you for your voice I’m with you on this

      Guerilla9-1 copy , out

  3. Awesome news! Thanks for sharing, genius! It would’ve been great to add bots for practice. Hopefully in the near future…

  4. My modern warfare does not load tells me i need to install data packs that are already installed, I have received no support from Activision. I will never purchase game from them in the future. In addition they do not refund the price of the game.

    1. I am almost sure you must be missing a pack or something. Go to this site (Activition community support) page and read through. Other people have had similar issues as have I with data packs/installs not showing in their list of packs. Someone has posted all the links on there and I’m sure elsewhere as well you should be able to manual download and load onto your console through signing into your account on Xbox on PSN. If you still are having troubles try a YouTube search for missing data packs MW and I’m sure you’ll find where the hidden files are for the game. It’s a terrible system I can agree. For the longest I couldn’t download multiplayer packs because I was signed into two accounts simultaneously, check if that. But definitely try the recommended steps too! I think you can go to the game on the store or bought and view the content someway and install what’s needed. Sorry the elongated response, if you’re still having trouble reply back, I’d love to try and help.

  5. Thats too bad on not adding bots….that would have been awsome. I say that as i like including my son of 12 in the games we play and have alot of fun in MP with bots

  6. I noticed that when you launch the menu to set up a custom game, it has the last game mode you played selected (or at least it used to, it’s been a month or so since I’ve noticed it.) I would be able to play Warzone and then switch to multiplayer, open a custom game, and the selected mode would say “Battle Royale.” When I tried starting the game though, it defaulted to TDM. I hope to see Warzone Customs in the future. Would be fun to stream with friends and host tournaments.

  7. well I am gonna have to google that whole saga…. but I think it has sone Merritt …. I mean for not knowing ejats gping on besides me not playing BR either because ppl. WallBang me from 30000 Meters out is just insane.. but I’ll see get up to date. btw. Has anybody else’s gameplay in multiplayer or plunder or Warzone Battle Royale, glitch at all and by Glitch I mean like normal glitch like automatically stop playing music then it never ends meaning round or you start seeing oddly shaped houses and you can see through them Etc. I still cannot pick up a gun and see it if I change my Loadout during gameplay I can’t see my new loadout like when I switch guns I can’t see the weapon in my hands but I can shoot it, so quite awkward I just deleted and reinstalled it I’ll see if that fixes it, but if anyone can help please please get back to me I would appreciate it

  8. Why would you post an article about how it’s possible to do the glitch and then not tell your readers how to do it? I hate this click bait culture

  9. I hope they add the private lobby so people can clear the operator skin challenges without having to drudge through real time matches of a game-type they don’t want to play.

  10. My friend and I were talking about that the other day. A warzone with civilians living in it, trying to hide or escape the battle, and you get hit with serious point loss each time you injure or kill non combatants. A real warzone.

  11. This happens every update, for some reason it was not included in the update files. You will never find it on the playstore, at least I couldn’t. I solved my issue by going into xbox dash and ticking “enable automatic updates.” With this enabled next time you start up your MW/Warzone and it asks for a data pack then you just click on the data pack or multiplayer pack that you need and it will auto update without you having to go search for it in the play store.

  12. um no it doesnt help at fkn all. it shows absolutely no way how to actually set up getting into a battle royale private match. waste of your time and mine

  13. I never understood Infinity Ward’s philosphy in terms of releasing Warzone content.
    Remember when Warzone was ourely trios and it took half of a season for Duos to stay? No reason for that, nor is there really a reason to delay Custom Games past launch.
    Blackout had custom games from the get-go and Warzone Weekends from CDL tournaments prove that the private match dedicated servers for Warzone are stable, so Ininfity Ward… what’s the deal, lads?
    As for bots, the training at Quarry with them is not stable to tis day (and there are only 50 of them). I can see how programming a bot to pick up loot, use armour plates, move between circles, etc. would take a taxing amount of time.
    I am praying this mode comes soon and that the video and images are not fake/photoshopped. Having Damascus and all of my S4-S6 officer challenges complete makes me want more from the game, as I am not planning on getting BOCW.

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