Call of Duty: Warzone Is Reportedly Heading To Mobile

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Warzone Is Headed to Mobile

As first reported by CharlieIntel, a now-deleted Activision job listing indicates that Call of Duty: Warzone is coming to mobile platforms.

Here are just some of the job responsibilities listed in the recent posting:

  • “Shape the mobile game product through driving creative alignment across mobile dev teams and stakeholders across all disciplines”
  • “Harvest, adapt and deliver the essential features from Warzone console and PC into their best mobile instantiation”
  • “Improve upon the Warzone formula by proposing and producing mobile-specific additions and changes to features to ensure a best-in-class mobile experience that players will love”
  • “Serve as primary point of contact on Warzone Mobile leadership team for clarity and decisions on user-facing features, UX and overall quality”
  • “Work with COD leadership to bring value to the overall franchise through mobile innovations”

Also, it should be noted that the job title is described as an “Executive Producer, Features (WZM).” It’s rather safe to assume “WZM” stands for Warzone Mobile.

That certainly doesn’t leave much up to interpretation. From this posting, it appears that Activision’s official Warzone mode is finally joining fellow battle royales like Fortnite on mobile devices.

As noted in the CharlieIntel report, Warzone is insanely popular with over 75 million players hot-dropping into the free-to-play battle royale. It’ll be interesting to see how or if Activision intends to integrate the mobile version of Warzone with other platforms.

We’ll update you on this story as we get more information or if there is an announcement made regarding Warzone on mobile platforms. Would you play Call of Duty: Warzone on your phone? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out ModernWarzone on Twitter for the latest Call of Duty news updates.

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