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Taylor Cole

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UPDATE: Infinity Ward has sent out an update regarding the crashing issue in Modern Warfare Season 6. The dev team is still working on it but they plan to release a patch tomorrow that will hopefully fix the crashing problems:

Despite early reports indicating that only PS4 and PC players were affected, it seems that Xbox One players are also experiencing crashing issues as well.

The original story goes as follows…

Season 6 of Modern Warfare is out! And while many are enjoying the new update, there are quite a few people who have had some trouble with the latest version of the game.

More specifically, players on PS4 and PC are experiencing game crashes on both Modern Warfare and Warzone. For the PlayStation 4, users are getting a CE-34878-0 error code along with the typical blue screen of death. Activision has responded to those reporting game crashes, stating in a tweet earlier today:

Hopefully, with Activision acknowledging these reports so quickly, we’ll see some sort of hotfix coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone soon. We’ll update this story with any information, including a possible hotfix, as it comes in.

What’s New In Modern Warfare And Warzone?

Modern Warfare Season 6 brought plenty of fresh content to the year-old game. Here are just some of the additions that arrived with the Season 6 update:

  • Farah and Nikolai as operators
  • Metro Stations (brand-new fast-travel system)
  • Killstreak Confirmed (game type)
  • HQ: Firefight (a twist on the usual Headquarters game type)
  • Gun Game TDM (game type)
  • Armored Royale (brand-new Warzone playlist)
  • Station (Gunfight map)
  • Verdansk Riverside (Ground War map)
  • Broadcast (6v6 map)
  • Mialstor Tank Factory (6v6 and 10v10 map)
  • SP-R208 (Marksman Rifle)
  • AS-VAL (Assault Rifle)

For more on what you can expect with Season 6, click here.

Season 6 of Modern Warfare and Warzone is available now on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Have you experienced any MW or Warzone crashes? How are you enjoying the new season so far? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to follow ModernWarzone on Twitter for the latest Call of Duty news.

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56 Responses

  1. Les renseignements de la saison 6 (Intel) ce valide pas enfin le premier sous le tunel à côté de l’hopital !!!! Je le trouve mais pas de validation……

  2. Yes I was getting an error code. Looked it up and read I was to try deleting last update and try download again. So far it’s still downloading.

  3. My game won’t let me download the new multiplayer packs and every time I click on it to show my downloads, the screen then says “store unavailable”.

      1. Still freezes at the end of a match and have to close application and reopen then won’t let me join games it’s getting a bit ridiculous

    1. Open up ur menu tab in the lobby, then keep spamming in game download at the bottom somewhere and download it from there. Good luck it worked for me.

  4. Says the store is unavailable so i can’t download what I’m missing from the packs so i could play some multiplayer all it lets me play is warzone an that’s cool an all but i want to buy the battle pass an play multiplayer

  5. The problem I was having was that it was saying I wasn’t on PlayStation Plus. Well I have been on PlayStation Plus coming up on 5 years. I was just curious if anybody else is having that problem. The exact message was PlayStation Plus required for online gaming

    1. Had the same when I tried getting into multiplayer, restarted the game couple of times, went into warzone menu first, then into multi and it was fine

  6. Their claim that the subway will not drop you into the gas was an unfounded boast.
    Coming back from the secret Easter egg bunker the subway took us instead of back to safe airport but around all the other locations and stopped there even though they were in the gas!

    Another time I jumped on one to get away from enemies accidently stayed I. At the next stop then off back into the gas it took me .

  7. Why are we getting banned for no reason I’m on Xbox and I don’t cheat and never have . I have tried to get a hold of Activision but all of their support is down. My next call is to my brother who is a lawyer and he said a false banned it very illegal. It is stealing money from me basically. It looks like there will be a lot of law suits because Activision is not answering any questions

  8. Ridiculous i spend money in game have alot invested and every season they have bugs hackers and crazy glitches. How are you even a major gameing corp. An ypu cant even get the game to work properly. What do yall do at the offices while yall rake in millions seriously….

  9. Xbox is crashing too!
    Stop adding new stuff to the game when your servers can’t handle it..
    Fix some stuff before you add more and sort out these fucking cheaters!!!

  10. Shit, this game is ass. I deleted it. Wasted so much money on this piece of shit game. It’s always something. Why dont you complete the season/game before you send it out to the public. Multi million dollar company think they would know what they’re doing but all they want is your money

  11. Crashed several times yesterday threw out ony any map and lost my xp tokens due to it as levels did not register because of crashing

  12. I have experienced crashes with new season 6 in multi player. I haven’t got to play warzone that much yet to see if I experience cashes in that game mode.

    Over all I have been enjoying this game a lot!!!😆 It the only game I play on my Xbox!!😁

  13. My buddy and i were playing the truck game, he was driving and i was manning the gun. We both decided to exit the truck at the same time. Right at this point both are xbox1s kicked us and rebooted.

  14. Ive obviously want to play witht the new update but man it has dropped so much i just put it away..its actually frustrating cus come on. Ps4 slim ethernet 1gb spectrum

  15. I have also been experiencing crashes on my pc. Stats are a 8700k cpu , 16gb ram and gtx 1080 gpu if that helps. For the first 2-3 hours all was great, then it started. Graphics were stuttering then the crashes. I fully understand such issues with new releases and just put it away until tomorrow.

    I love Season 6. New maps like Tank in MP are fun for sure. Nice work.

    What’s up with that? I completed the task many times, yet never unlocked it. (Revive a member of your team in warzone). Have you heard anything about that fix? It was my last skin to unlock…

  17. when i join to play call of duty and get in a match i get massive lag spikes everywhere my fps drops and i cant play.Season 6 its fucked and its getting on my nerves fix this game

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