Streetwear Apparel Brand VALACLAVA Unveils First-Ever Premium Call of Duty® Collectibles Collab

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October 14, 2022

Doug Dagnabbit

Doug Dagnabbit


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VALACLAVA Unveils First-Ever Premium Call of Duty® Collectibles Collab

Next-generation gaming premium apparel giant VALACLAVA ® announces its first fashion drop in partnership with Call of Duty ® , bringing four ultra-rare collectible garments to fans physically and digitally. The collection officially launches on October 14, 2022, with an early access list available now at

The partnership includes the release of sleek gamewear apparel, including t-shirts, trousers, jackets and hoodies, with just 300 units of each piece being produced. This is Call of Duty’s ® first high-end collectible partnership, commemorating Modern Warfare II, launching October 28, 2022. Garments will range from $200 to $800 USD.

VALACLAVA ® is a next-generation clothing company intersecting fashion and gaming and colliding the real world and metaverse through web3. Designed and developed in Portugal, these pieces are built around premium craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind materials that are environmentally sustainable, including certified and locally-produced organic cotton, and are digitally profound. Each item has digital properties as well – when consumers buy a physical piece, they get the digital version sent directly to their inbox as a product passport, gaining access to the VALACLAVA community where they can connect through physical and digital events around streetwear. In addition, each piece is tagged with scannable tags that unlock a custom digital platform that is a first in the fashion industry, revealing the authenticity, provenance, material traceability, rarity, and ownership of each piece.

“This unique partnership will give dedicated Call of Duty fans the chance to take part in a unique offering that melds the highest levels of gaming with a thoroughly modern line of clothing,” said Daniel Siegel, Activision Publishing’s Vice President of Licensing. “Gaming continues to evolve well beyond the playable experience,” Siegel said. “Call of Duty, in particular, leans heavily into both the social connectivity and cultural relevance of the franchise through unique content and collaborations.” Siegel added, “This reflects the multi-faceted interests of this broad and growing community.

Partnering with VALACLAVA ® brings a trend-forward, customizable approach to elevated fashion and streetwear.” The Call of Duty franchise is an award winning, critically acclaimed video game series. The Call of Duty franchise brings blockbuster entertainment to their avid community, dropping players into an array of action-packed global conflicts filled with high-stakes first-person action, and truly immersive gameplay. Lui Iarocheski, Lead Architect at VALACLAVA, comments: ‘’We have always believed the lines between physical and digital fashion will blur. We are very excited to announce this collection with Call of Duty, which marks our first gamewear apparel drop.”

About Valaclava

VALACLAVA ® is a cyber-physical gamewear brand that brings the narratives of the gaming world to life through its premium line of limited-release clothing. Focusing on clothes that are creative, extreme, and good-looking, VALACLAVA ® is expressly for those seeking unique digital signatures of their own.

As a brand born in the context of web3, VALACLAVA is a pioneer on the creation of connected garments, using blockchain technology to link physical garments to their digital product passport via scannable tags. Through the use of this technology, consumers get access to gated content and experiences, creating a true community around gaming, streetwear and culture.

To see VALACLAVA’s line of clothing and learn more about the partnership with Call of Duty, visit Get the latest updates on the Call of Duty-inspired line of clothing at VALACLAVA’s Twitter page.

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