Season 4 Release Date Leaked In Modern Warfare Update 6/10/2020

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June 6, 2020

Doug Dagnabbit

Doug Dagnabbit


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As we all know, Season 4 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare has been delayed to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests against oppression in the United States, on the doorstep of Activision HQ in Los Angeles, and around the world.

Up to this point neither Infinity Ward nor Activision have offered us any information as to when Season 4’s new release date is set for.

That changed today with an update to the in game files that was posted to twitter by user Geekypastimes. He describes the finding as a change in the Unix Epoch codes in the files for Season 3 from June 2nd to June 10th for his time zone UTC.

This translates to a normal release time, or at least normal since Coronavirus hit the United States. You can expect Season 4 to launch at 11PM PST on 6/9/2020. Keep your eyes out for a potential Season 4 Roadmap release before any official announcements are made.

As always when we leak dates, it is important to note that this information is always subject to change. Files are files, they don’t lie. However they can always be changed.

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100 Responses

      1. Can you confirm date and time of update please as posted 6/9/2020 shouldn’t that be 9/6/2020 and utc time please

  1. No way they would wait until September for season 4. Too much revenue loss to leave it until Autumn.

    1. Clearly, you aren’t American, or wish to push your “worldy” date time conformities on them. Everyone knows that months stopped changing in March. Today is March 98, 2020 or 3/98/2020. I don’t know anything about June or September. God I hope those months are shorter.

      1. 4th of July, but we also say July 4th… the only date we say the day first is that one, the 5th of November (because the rhyme), and Cinco de Mayo (because that’s the holidays name and I doubt many people actually realize they’re doing that)

        Otherwise everything is month/day/year if its said or written with numbers

    1. Shut, are you actually serious? There’s more important things than a game being delayed you plonker.
      Seriously you are a cretin and are blind. Go home ya cretin

  2. Actually when saying it as our independence day we would likely say 4th of July. But just saying the date itself in every day it would generally be July 4th.

  3. There is no way that after this they are going to launch Season 4 in the late hours of the night. It’s a Season not an update. You are claiming that Season 4 will launch and start 1 hour before Midnight on the 9th? Why would they launch Season 4 in the late hours of any day when Activision knows that is not a popular time for the most of the player base to be on. Again this is a Season, not an update or a launch of a new game. Yes things may have been changed within the data to support this claim but, without being the one in full control of the data, this is a guess at best!

    1. They do that specifically because not alot of people will be on so it either doesnt overload the servers when absolutely everyone downloads it or if it does then it doesnt really matter because most people would have 6/7/8 or more hours before they wake up if their system automatically downloads it as soon as it’s available

    2. Yes they will, I literally downloaded the season 3 update at 11 pm. You clearly weren’t paying attention the last season

  4. No Americans have always written their dates as month/ day/ year…always and the post at the top even says Wednesday morning, you should really read it all before commenting dude

  5. Just admit it. You know they did this because the new warzone map wasn’t ready yet. So they took advantage of the protests in America not only to get some good PR but to get more time to finish the new map. I highly doubt Activision and infinity ward really give a damn about the protests lol

  6. I will be deleting all call of duty games today. BO3,Bo4,Ww2, COD MW. You injected BLM BS to the game. I go to these games for release of SJW BS. I want my money back on the game and my COD points. You have truly lost a avid COD player like forever. I will not be buying any more COD games ever. My hard drive is full of your games which is about a 1 trigabit. Now ill have space for other no SJW,BLM BS. SO BYE BYE COD.

    1. They’re not gonna give you your money back because you didn’t get what you wanted 😂😂 you are TRIPPIN.

      Also, you sound pretty racist, so i’m sure they’re happy to see you gone.

    2. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if BLM is bullshit to you, the community is better off without you.

    3. People like you and your ignorant, elementary sentiments about content for a VIDEO GAME is what is wrong with the U.S. and a lot of other parts of the world. PLEASE GROW UP!

    Here is a little American grammer lesson.
    The holiday is “The 4th of July” or “Independence Day”
    the date is July 4th.
    The correct date format is MM/DD/YEAR (06/04/1776). If you wright it out it is July 4, 1776 (you can add the th, nd, rd after the number if you want to.

  8. Left it too. Worst COD Multiplayer ever.
    And Warzone? Just a bad Copy of every other Battle Royale without any Innovation. No one needs the ‘we Love Fortnite’ Fan-base.

    If you want to Play one of the older COD: Try Iw4X. It’s a free moded Version of MW2 with serverbrowser. There is still a big Community!

  9. Little English ‘Grammar’ (yes you used the wrong grammar/grammer varient.) lesson. Its WRITE not Wright.

  10. I paid 85$ for this game and I’m quite pissed they delayed s4 because of corporate greed. I’ll never buy another cod game after this experience. The last cod I bought before this was black ops 2.

    1. Not sure if this delay is just because of the protests and I am also not sure that it would start at 11:00 PM PST on June 9th. It is not 100% confirmed yet. I don’t understand why they would want to start the new season in the late hours. Stay up to date with everything related to call of duty Warzone at which provides all the information you need about this particular game.

    2. Corporate greed, are you blind, you useless plonker
      There’s more pressing issues right now and you think it’s greed that they delayed an update ??
      You useless spanner, back to kindergarden kid!

  11. What’s with the rants about date format. Who cares, season 4 is what we want.

    Month first doesn’t make sense to me, as it’s not in order, day is smallest, year largest.

    Side note who would like fun skins, thinking Ross Kemp, Goldie, Danny dyer, Vinnie Jones, the rock, Rambo, Ian beale

  12. Sir,

    I only wanted that plz solve the lagging issue in the game in the next season coz in the latest update of COD MW this issue is solved and we hope that this issue doesn’t came back in the latest update.

  13. @Doug Dagnabbit

    Gotta give you props for replying to all the repetitive date comments. Like watching a dog chase it’s tail. Lol
    On a side note, good looking out for the updates! Not quite sure if the devs will keep the date or push it down based on everything that’s been going on here state side.

      1. I’m personally enjoying the tail chasing. It’s amusing on so many different levels. You got the ones complaining about the format, then Young Doug apologizing for the MINOR issue, and then the ones bashing the complainers and defending Doug. As far as comments go this is comedy gold.

  14. To me this was a PR move to delay it, when a hearthstone player showed support of Hong Kong he was banned both announcer’s were fired and he had to give back his prize money. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for BLM but not for people who are milking it for profit.

  15. What is wring with half the ppl in these comments. All this over the way a date is typed or said. Obviously things are done differently in different countries. The update is Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Tuesday 11pm pst. Pst means pacific standard time which is the time Activision goes by because thats the time zone they’re in. Im eastern standard time so 11pm pst means 2am my time zone which is eastern standard time. So tuesday night for some or early Wednesday morning for others like me. Depends on how u want to look at it. Late night hours are considered early mornig hours and vice versa. Eastern time and pacific time zones are time zones of America or the United states. We also have central time amd mountain time. Central time is 1 hour before eastern and 1 hour after pacific time. Depending on what coast or side of us you’re at is what time zone you’re in. New york would be east coast. California would be west coast. Activision is located is western US therefore making it pacific time zone. The date said the 9th of june which means june 9th 2020. Not sure where September came from . September month number is 9. If you see 9 or 9th then the 9 is always the month no matter what country you may be from. 9th would refer to a date unless specified different like the 9th month of the year. So the 9th of june means june 9 2020. Its not only how we would write the date but how we would verb!verbally say it also. If someone ask when is valentines day then we would say February 14 and not the 14th of of February. We say the 4th of July because it sounds better and also its referring to a holiday. But if it was irrelevant to the holiday itself then it would be just July 4th and maybe followed by the year depending on the situation or conversation at hand.

  16. its now 5am eastern time and the time for the update has already past. it wont be happening anytime soon. y’all really think they would release the update when they have been silent for a week on twitter and facebook? they lack the integrity to communicate with their fans to keep them around. thousands of people are installing the game because of the lack of respect activision is showing towards its players. I myself will be uninstalling this game soon as well and boycott further COD games.

    1. It came 24 hours after this, we understood the datamined information wrong or it was put there to throw us off.

  17. they just announced it today. it releases tonight at 11pm PT and 2am ET its about 34 gigs for console.

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