Why Some Players Aren’t Happy With The E-Tool In Black Ops Cold War

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March 12, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Black Ops Cold War


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Why Do Some Players Think The E-Tool Is The Worst Melee Weapon In Black Ops Cold War?

Earlier this week, Treyarch added a new melee weapon to Black Ops Cold War. Called the E-Tool, this shovel is starting to draw criticism from players online.

For example, YouTubers PrestigeIsKey and Dysmo have both released videos explaining why the E-Tool is so ineffective in multiplayer. Basically, the swing speed for the E-Tool seems to be about as fast as the combat knife. However, it also takes two hits to kill an enemy in core modes. So, there doesn’t look to be any real benefits to the E-Tool as a viable melee weapon.

Sadly, the criticism doesn’t stop there. For those who don’t know, players can unlock the E-Tool either as a store bundle (Tool Of War Bundle) or via an in-game challenge (Kill three enemies without dying in fifteen different matches).

Over on Reddit, players scrutinized the difficulty of the in-game challenge and how long it would take to realistically unlock the E-Tool.

With the E-Tool’s lackluster stats and the insanely difficult challenge required to unlock the melee weapon, it’s easy to see why players want to see some changes made. But, on the bright side, the E-Tool apparently isn’t too bad in zombies mode.

As previously mentioned, the E-Tool was added to Black Ops Cold War earlier in the week along with St. Patrick’s Stockpile. This limited-time mode was a playlist in Black Ops 4 and plays much like Grind in 2019’s Modern Warfare.

Players will take shamrocks from fallen enemies and take them back to a Pot o’ Gold to earn points for their team. They can also claim shamrocks from fallen teammates to deny the enemy team from scoring points.

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What are your thoughts on the E-Tool? Should Treyarch make changes to the E-Tool and the in-game challenge required to unlock the weapon? Let us know in the comments.

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