Treyarch Teases New Zombies Content For Black Ops Cold War

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February 16, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Black Ops Cold War


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Treyarch Teases New Outbreak Mode For Black Ops Cold War

Alongside the Season 2 trailer that was released today, Treyarch has teased more Black Ops Cold War zombies content.

Over on Twitter, the developer hinted that a large Aether breach has occurred and shared a gif of someone using a Dark Aether teleporter.

Eagle-eyed players quickly pointed out the similarities between this gif and Kino der Toten, the starting map in the original Black Ops game.

Much like Nacht der Untoten’s presence in Die Maschine, it’s heavily rumored that Kino der Toten would somehow be remade in a future Black Ops Cold War zombies map.

Although Treyarch could partially be teasing a Kino der Toten remake here, the developer is most likely teasing the upcoming Outbreak mode.

For those who don’t know, here’s the gist. Okami, a notable Call of Duty insider, reported that Black Ops Cold War is getting a new mode called Outbreak.

This new zombies mode would feature co-op on a large-scale Fireteam map and has been described as “open world zombies.”

We aren’t done yet. Those who beat the main story easter egg in Firebase Z will know that Requiem is probably heading to the Ural Mountains for their next mission.

On Firebase Z, you can find a chalkboard in the Military Command room that dives a bit deeper into this Ural Mountains location. You can see that chalkboard below (courtesy of a Twitter post from TGR).

The last line on that chalkboard looks really familiar.

Between this tease and the zombie trial machines that have been randomly popping up in Warzone, it seems that we’re due for an announcement from Treyarch sooner rather than later.

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