Treyarch releases Diamond Camo Bug Fix

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December 11, 2020

Doug Dagnabbit

Doug Dagnabbit


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Treyarch releases Diamond Camo Bug Fix

Camos in Black Ops Cold War have not been unlocking properly for the majority of the player base.

Patch notes released on December 8th stated that there would be initial fixes launched for the bug, which allowed some users to access the Dark Matter camo they’ve worked oh so hard for.

However, many players were still experiencing similar if not the same issues as pre-patch. Whether their camos weren’t unlocking properly, or they were receiving camos they hadn’t actually earned, such as dark aether something was still wrong.

How to Fix your Camos in Black Ops Cold War

Treyarch broke the news tonight that they’ve implemented a patch that is going to allow users who have unlocked the diamond camo in Cold War to finally use them.

To fix your broken diamond camos in Black Ops Cold War simply restart your game and check again. If you are still having problems receiving your camos in Cold War please let us know in the comments down below so that we can forward it to Treyarch and Activision!

If you still aren’t up to date here’s everything you need to know about Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 1! Be sure to follow ModernWarzone twitter to keep up with all of your latest Call of Duty news!

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36 Responses

  1. I still can not complete the easter egg in zombies because of some dumb glitch that makes it so the 3rd power crystal never lights up to unlock the lightning upgrade for die machine. Even have it screen recorded.

  2. Not working for ps5. Diamond camo is still bugged. Regular camos when unlocked show up during matches but show locked in camo appearance section. Kills aren’t even counting for some camos.

  3. I have all 5 assault rifles gold but when I go to check diamond camo, it only says I have 4/5. I know patches have went live and my account still isn’t fixed. If y’all have any info to helping me it would be greatly appreciated.

    My GT on Xbox: iPwn Claww

  4. I unlocked diamond but every time I start the game the next time I play it says my FFAR needs one more long shot to unlock it.

  5. It’s almost a week into January and most of my classes are bugged for diamond. I am so close to Ultra but unable to obtain. FIX THIS PLEASE.

  6. I just finished my AR gold challenges and was looking forward to diamond but it isn’t available. Still says I haven’t unlocked my 5th gold when it showed up in game that I did.

  7. Same issue here… Just finished AR challenges. Unlocked 5 gold camos and no diamond available. Just says that I’ve only unlocked 4/5.

  8. I have video evidence where I’ve lost my diamond camo 3 times and had to unlock the “longshot” challenge over and over again.

  9. I finished diamond for assault rifles, it gave me the calling cards and I had gold in every assault rifle. I even set my showcase as diamond AK. I turn the game back on a couple hours later And the showcase is still diamond however it says I have to redo challenges for the groza and took away gold and diamond I already earned. This is also after multiple times of me keeping track, the game taking earned things away. I went into a match needing 6 headshots for a camo, I got 4 headshot medals in that game verified at the end, go back to camos and it TOOK AWAY 2 saying I now needed 8 to finish. This game is trash from the get go, Ive probably done triple the amount I needed on several guns after keeping track. And now this. 3 months later and they have fixed the issue. Thanks Treyarch

  10. My assault rifles are all gold and I never backed out a game when doing challenges, I even re-used each gun for a few hundred kills to see if it will unlock and still nothing. Even after season 2 update. Pls help

  11. I’ve unlocked diamond for LMG, but the sticker and emblem will not unlock, despite having the camo and calling card.

  12. Ive earned diamond pistol camo in multiplayer, i can use the camos but the title and emblem and still locked, it used to show two emblems for multiplayer diamond and both were locked now its only showing one as it should but its still locked for me

  13. I’ve unlocked gold for the mp5 3 times and it still won’t get me gold, it’s stuck on 7 more longshots and the same for the pelington. My resolution so far has been not playing the game anymore.

  14. did all gold challenges for smg, said diamond was unlocked in game, did not back out i played the whole game and then allllll smg’s reset, i lost gold on 4/5 guns like wtfff

  15. I unlock it in cold war and can use it there but then the second I switch over to warzone it resets to gold and I have to redo the last challenges for tactical rifles. Annoying!

  16. Unlocked diamond on tac rifles 3 times now but it resets when I go over to warzone and makes me redo the last challenge. Once I turn the game off I always have to redo. Annoying!

  17. All 3 of my snipers are gold and diamond achievement for snipers is unlocked but the actual camo isn’t, I tried restarting the game several times and it still will not unlock, kind of annoying was quite a grind.

  18. I have unlocked diamond smg i load Cold War back up and I have to do long shots again everytime for the bullfrog my camo never stays

  19. I still have this issue, been since November. Have gold unlocked on all tax rifles, but says 3/4 for diamond. I have every other weapon class diamond so this is the only thing holding me up from DM Ultra. Very frustrating

  20. Hey I’ve unlocked diamond snipers but since the new snipers came out I’ve seen everyone with the diamond already and my says I have 3/3 needed but it’s locked but I can use them on warzone can someone help me

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