Treyarch Continues To Tease A New Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Map

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March 22, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Black Ops Cold War


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It Looks Like Sanatorium Is Coming To Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Soon

Over the weekend, Treyarch began teasing a new Outbreak location for Black Ops Cold War with the caption “The Outbreak Zone is about to get even bigger.”

Today, the developer posted another teaser with a new caption. This post reads “Next week, new mysteries of the Dark Aether await…”

Currently, Black Ops Cold War players can jump into Outbreak and play on three Fireteam maps (Golova, Alpine, and Ruka).

This leaves out Sanatorium, which was added to Black Ops Cold War back in January as part of the game’s Season One content. Based on the two gifs shown above, it seems that Sanatorium is finally coming to Outbreak sooner rather than later.

When Can We Expect To See A New Zombies Map?

For many players, Outbreak has been a ton of fun. But, the discussion online has started to shift towards the next mainline map for BOCW zombies.

The current rumor floating around is that the Requiem team will be heading to Berlin for another zombie outbreak.

Furthermore, there are also rumors stating that Kino der Toten will be included in this new map. For those who don’t know, Kino der Toten was the launch map for the original Black Ops.

In regards to when we could see this new map, TheGamingRevolution has a great video breaking down why the next map may not arrive until later in Season Three or even Season Four. You can see that video here.

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