Recent Leaks about a New Black Ops Cold War Zombies Map are Wrong

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November 23, 2020

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole


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It’s safe to say that Black Ops Cold War Zombies has been a major success so far. While the multiplayer community seems divided on Treyarch’s latest Call of Duty, the general consensus around the zombie community is that the studio put together a fantastic experience for casual and hardcore fans alike. That being said, one of the few drawbacks of the mode is that there is only one map available at launch (excluding Dead Ops Arcade). And unfortunately, it may stay that way for quite a while.

While discussing the latest batch of rumors regarding Black Ops Cold War Season 1, reputable Call of Duty insider Tom Henderson revealed that fans shouldn’t expect a new zombies map until at least February.

Our very own Doug Dagnabbit also questioned the latest rumors over on ModernWarzone’s official Twitter account.

Will The Next Black Ops Cold War Zombies Map Take Place In Vietnam?

Via TheGamingRevolution and many others, it has been heavily speculated that the next major map in BOCW will indeed take place in Vietnam. Supposedly, the map will be called Firebase Z.

There may be a hint to this Vietnam map already in the game via the campaign mission “Break On Through.” In that mission, you can actually go off the beaten path and head into a small underground bunker. When you’re down in the seemingly abandoned site, just walk around. You’ll eventually be swarmed by zombies. You can see this easter egg by clicking here but, it should be said that the video contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the game’s story campaign.

BOCW Season 1 will begin on December 10th. The game’s first DLC map, Nuketown ’84, will release on November 24th.

If you want more BOCW zombies coverage from ModernWarzone, you can click here to see the latest patch notes.

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