Raven Is Making Some Huge Weapon Balancing Changes To Warzone

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January 5, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole



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The DMR 14, Type 63, Mac 10, and Dual Pistols Will All Be Changed In Warzone

For weeks, players have been criticizing the weapon balancing in Call of Duty: Warzone with the DMR 14 being the main target of those critiques. Thankfully, the weapon will be nerfed soon.

Raven Software, one of the main developers behind Call of Duty: Warzone, took to Twitter and announced that huge changes are on the way for the DMR 14, Type 63, Mac 10, and dual pistols.

Raven Software would later clarify that these changes are strictly for Call of Duty: Warzone.

These weapons were originally added to Call of Duty: Warzone during the battle royale’s integration with Black Ops Cold War on December 16th.

And ever since that time, the aforementioned weapons have been in their current OP state. There was also a holiday break in between then and this post from Raven Software.

Considering that and the plethora of issues Call of Duty has suffered as of late, it’s not too difficult to see how weapon balancing fell through the cracks.

Regardless, it’s just great to see the studio finally acknowledge the many criticisms online with a promise to fix the issues soon.

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As mentioned earlier, a lot of players haven’t been too thrilled with the current state of Warzone. This article goes over just some of the complaints and hilarious comments players have about the OP DMR 14.

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What are your thoughts on the DMR 14 and all of the weapons Raven Software plans to adjust? 

Are there any weapons that should receive a buff? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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77 Responses

  1. I have the class an I say keep it the way it is it is most deff a good gun an at the same time a game changer when the enemy are using the kar98 if you are going to nerf the DMR then u need to nerf the kar98,just my opinion enemys doesnt like it when its fair game.

  2. I think you cry babys aught to just find anpther game rite along with the cheaters I think cod is allowing this to go on its not the guns its the mods get your shit rite and one thing more I find it funny that all the streamers get better lobbies than us and also why don’t you guys put it to were you can turn cross play off and stop lying about not letting people cheat

  3. I think you cry babys aught to just find anpther game rite along with the cheaters I think cod is allowing this to go on its not the guns its the mods get your shit rite and one thing more I find it funny that all the streamers get better lobbies than us and also why don’t you guys put it to were you can turn cross play off and stop lying about not letting people cheat and wow even better it want let me put certain things on the comment

  4. Amazing, now if they can fix the attachments that don’t do anything and the horizontal recoils of CW AR’s so they’d actually be viable at range. Otherwise we’ll likely see an FFAR/KAR98 meta — which I wouldn’t be complaining about. AR’s shouldn’t be able to dominate the ranges snipers should be king of. That would be true weapon balance IMO ??

  5. The DMR is not making the game good the dual pistols I like them if I killed by those I won’t get mad but the DMR mac 10 and type 63 are making the game trash NERF NOW

    1. you gotta qhit trying to ruin modern weaponry, you are literally complaining about the weapon system’s actual use, it is used to dominate the range between a carbine and a sniper rifle, if you get downed or destroyed by a dmr at any range closer than sniper, then you’re obviously doing something wrong, either terrible at clearing a building holding down a site, or just plain out in the open and being stupid, and you should always have your head on a swivle if you think you know what you’re doing to actually make dumb comments suvh as the one I am commenting on, if you make the weapon systems and armor actually realistically accurate, then maybe you would try switching your brain from oh I want that nerfed because I don’t know how to get around it and start thinkin, maybe let’s go another way, and that is literally strategy, if you can’t do so.ething the way you want to do it, then obviously you’re doing it the wrong way, don’t complain that someone can shoot a weapon in this game, complain about logical things and think outside the box and use your brain and stop ruining things that are already good.

  6. Warzone was not broken, and now it is because of Cold War tremendously disappointed in this whole mess

  7. No common guns on rebirth island, is kind crap. I played for 3 weeks and never saw one. It was only thing I needed for the gun

  8. Why does everyone gotta complain about guns. When u go to war it’s not like u and the enemy are like “ok since urs is more powerful you can’t use it” it doesn’t work like that. How about you fix the bugs that get us stuck on the loadout or glitching into a wall cause we know there are plenty of those problems. Guns r made to be more powerful then others. Instead of complaining about the guns maybe you should make a class for them and try using them and maybe you would be like I actually like this gun!!!!

  9. There is always one weapon over another and another. The 3 round pistols are the only OP weapon in my opinion. I can throw on a FAL and own just like the DMR or throw on HDR and snipe them in the face. The issue is all the none single fire weapon users conplaining now.

  10. The dmr is the only thing that is broken to me everything else is manageable,but it seems the devs love to see arguing fussing,and to the brink of fighting,but as a whole they nerf 1 thing and over power another then need that and over power something else if it ain’t broke dont fix it smh

    1. stop trying to nerf stuff, get over it, you aren’t good at tactics, that’s literally it, if you’re worried about long distance, then have a dude eith a long distance weapon or swap weapons with your team mates it’s that simple, be smarter, work smarter, not harder.

  11. I think to be more realistic and true to the personality of the gun, the scar should get a huge buffs in stability, power, and range. Here’s more reasons:
    1. The low ammo capacity offered through the magazines (30 rounds)
    2. It is one of the hardest, if not the hardest hitting AR in real life as it should reflect that in game.
    3. To my knowledge it hasn’t been widely used bc of the ammo issues and instability.

  12. I dont know why you can’t leave them them alone everyone has a chance to get one dmr to me it’s ok 1 shotkill but that’s at very close range normally take 2 to 3 hits before you crAwling I don’t see an advantage that bad …. Hell I do better with sickle fast… awesome so idk I dont see being what everyone saying I’ve been popped in game very few times have I got killed one shot if I have normaly close range

  13. Don’t nerf them. Instead just give a massive buff to all of the old “meta” weapons that got nerfed to oblivion. Take the M4, Mp5 10mm rounds, grau 5.56, spr, Bruen lmg, fal, etc and put them back to their original “broken” state and unleash complete chaos. I find no issues with the dmr, type 63, mac, or the dual pistols they do what they’re intended to do. The only reason they’re even popular is because of the big name streamers that use them.

  14. Yeah, shame no one there has ANY CLUE on ballistics…..hit someone in the chest 3 times with a 50 cal and doesn’t kill them one shot from the 300 and you drop everytime…..

  15. DMR 14 has really dampened my game play. Way overpowered, totally unfair. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADJUST THE POWER TO ALL SAID WEAPONS. They are ruining the game.

  16. I honestly think that the Q-BZ could get a small buff to the range, but otherwise, keep up the good work.

  17. Don’t act like these guns were not already foreseen as being overpowered beforehand. These guns were intentionally released overpowered to help sell Cold War.

  18. Yes all cold war assault rifles atleast make it competitive to warzone guns and add perks also . Add tac laser

  19. The DMR14, specially, has ruined the warzone experience to everyone. You have to give every a chance to play ans sincerely these weapons have not!

  20. Man please hurry and nerf them three guns and please fix the delay in the cold war guns when i reload it takes so long to actually reload like it cock the gun in the reload process and still wont be reloaded if you run. You have to wait until reload is off the screen before you could start running not even tactical sprint just regular running. Please and Thank You

    P.S- IF you fixed all them problems ASAP people will most definitely stop complaining other then yaw server lagging everythings great!!

  21. We shouldn’t be allowed to use pistols while dropping this kills any chance of winning! This war zone is meant to survive on the ground not in the air

  22. im a big fan of the franchise and i have alot of friends that play warzone constantly, the type 63 and the dmr14 are op as fuck but dont make this game to boring, just leave the pistols. any good player can kill someone with pistols


  23. One thing COD has uniformly gotten wrong since the first COD game rolled out is an understanding of what every actual shooter knows, ballistics. The DMR is a battle rifle. What does DMR stand for kids? Designed Marksman Rifle, like every other Marksman rifle it’s chambered in a high caliber round, thus it has more power at a certain range then an assault rifle, which is chambered in a smaller round but not as big as a sniper rifle round. In simple terms, assault rifle close distance. Battle rifle, medium distance, and sniper rifle long distance. I agree the MAC-10 is op and it’s really a POS in reality, but it does have a very high rate of fire. The pistol, well it’s a pistol, in real life most pistols are only accurate to 20 to 40 yards. So it’s really close. The MAC-10 is chambered in a pistol caliber, ie. close range weapon. The bottom line is if the developers at Raven, treyarch, and whoever else had the actual understanding of ballistics and not just a garbage theory of ballistics then the guns would be balanced properly. Just FYI a .50 cal round is about six inches long and fired from a bolt action sniper rifle chambered in .50 cal is accurate to 1 mile. So I should be able to be on one side of rebirth Island and drop you on the other side. From personal experience a .50 cal round from any sniper rifle will not leave much left of its intended target that’s why the are used as light anti-material rifles. So that should translate to a one hit kill. DMR’s 2-3, assault rifles 6-10, shotgun at close range 2 hits. Pistols and pistol caliber carbines about the same, both of those types of gun suck at long range. Since they like to be accurate with every other aspect of the game why not be accurate with the weapons ballistics values.

  24. M60 100%. Truegamedata showed that it did only 36 damage per shot while having 500+ rof, giving it a slow ttk. Def needs damage buff

  25. Personally, I’ve thought for awhile that the DMR14 and Type63 are definitely OP, the DMR especially, but I don’t believe these guns should be nerfed into the ground as I am a fan of Semi-Automatic weapons in Warzone. I believe the Type 63 should be left alone personally, because although it hits like a freight train, the trade off is that it’s recoil is bouncy as hell. Honestly, just do increase the recoil for the them slightly to enforce longer pauses between shots. My biggest argument for these two is that the Oden does almost the same amount of damage, but I haven’t seen anyone cry for it to be nerfed. The Mac10 and Diamatti should be nerfed as well, but once again not into the ground. I believe the majority of the problem with Warzone is that people complain when a weapon is the new meta, but not about the fact that you couldn’t use any weapon as a viable option in Warzone. I think the game needs to get to a point where any weapon can be used with the correct tactics.






  27. Yes the m13 with 300blackout rounds dont make a difference in the game at all takes like 50 rounds to kill a person just shooting in the chest is too high vs regular bullets

  28. You haven’t heard anyone. You did it because it made people purchase cold war (worst cod ever) to be able to even the fight. Finest Dirtiest way of marketing I’ve ever seen. Now because the frustration is inevitable in the community you want to act like the problem it’s being taken care of.

  29. Thank God!!! DMR and Mac 10 combos are all I see anymore. They make every other weapon pointless and unusable. The game was broken by this alone. Looking forward to this update so the game can be competitive again.

  30. Thank God, you don’t how hard it is to play with nothing but camping ends… I’m sure you do know but still… Jesus Christ!

  31. Flash grenade effects should be longer.. they’re so short their effects are useless.. Also jump shooting should be removed. It’s absurd, wholly unrealistic, and much easier for PC players with a mouse and keyboard. If it is to stay their should be a stamina/aim consequence.

  32. My biggest dislike is all new guns u should be able to use them in survival ,spec ops all modes instead u can only use them in warzone an plunder… they should be available in all modes..

  33. Yeah nurf them a little but not too much, in reality all handguns and rifles etc all in in types of power, like a marksman rifle has to me more powerful due to low fire rate as with an assault rifle you just empty the mag. The main one is the rocket launcher, if you get hit with that it should be instant death or downed at least

  34. About time . You can’t win a game with those gun . And hacker and people using controller adapters that boost up your weapons . Thank u

  35. Give the AX50 a buff please! Its been so long since decent snipers were a thing. Literally only have the choice between HDR or Marksman rifles. Marksman rifles don’t have the range and snipers (other than the HDR) dont have the damage.
    Better ADS on the M82 sniper would be appreciated also. Please please please consider this.

  36. You guys are fuckn up the game always complaining if shit dnt go your way and your can’t win as many games as yiu won’t just have fun damn it’s always something I love warzone I do but let us have fun stop the b***hing

  37. Un nerfed the kilo it was great just the way it was the dmr 14 type 63 are the wepons that should be nerfed its been very hard to run around in warzone and get shot twice and die without even having time to react its not fun.im not having as much fun as i us too and call of duty is only game i play so fix this problem please also when you pop up a loadout you freeze for like 3 seconds wich gives the enemy the chance of killing you without having the chance to see whats even going on it doesnt happen to me only as the same goes on with the people i play with it sucks and most important the motion on the gas mask has made me lose so many games its not funny once you pick up a gas mask i think you should have it on automatically as your in a fight almost got him gas hits gas mask comes down im dead please fix these problems your sales would be better and the gaming experience as well!

  38. How about taking obscene damage away from submachine guns at over 400 yards away with pinpoint hipfire accuracy? How about taking the flashlights off of the sniper rifles so that people see them from across the war zone map at 1000 yards away. How about snipers being one shot kills instead of 3 shots to take them down and wait a second or 2 now shoot them again twice more while they’re crawling around from shock and blood loss to finally kill them!?! 2 shots max! 1 to put the guy down and the second to finish him off. By the way, I don’t remember anyone putting an armoured face shield on and take hit markers to their face but apparently you give a lot of benefit of the doubt to the recipient of the headshot.

    1. snipers should be 1 shot max. Don’t care if I die from a sniper one shot, he earned it, he lined it up, that’s how it should be, lmg’s shouldn’t need to take so many rounds either, armor should be lower, you only wear 2 big plates and 2 small side plates on a plate carrier, if someone hits you in the shoulder you should definitely go down from an lmg or sniper even, never should have to deal with needing more than 2 shots to kill somebody with a sniper. Downs should be rare, if you hit a person in the right spots like almost everyone does then you wouldn’t even be able to shot back, with about 5 rounds you should be dead from an smg in a building. there should be no nerfing, there should be a system for armor customization for loadouts, 5.56 armor, 7.62 armor, pistol round armor, and heavy round armor, but heavy round armor should be hard to get so that you can actually make it be more difficult for people to deny a sniper his shot. also there should also be a system that makes your kit, uniform, etc. fully customizable and universal too. I get that it’s call of duty, but honestly it needs more stuff than just guns. Armor, Weaponry, and Attire should all be customizable.

  39. Stop nerfing the weapons. This a war game. Lean how to use them. Stop crying because you get bet by someone who’s betting you.

  40. All the cry babies don’t like these weapons because they made the game a level playing field that even the average player could enjoy

  41. Thank You very much for merging the DMR and the Mac 10. It shows that y’all really care about your customers.

  42. Can u also change rebirth back to what it was PLZZZ. These buy ins on a small map makes people camp more and really ruined what was a really fun game mode

  43. I believe that all of these weapons should receive nerfs but don’t make the mistake of nerfing them into the ground. The type 63 does not need a huge nerf, so please don’t make our guns useless

  44. The nerf on the DMR is not enough, the game is so very less competitive than it used to be. It is unplayable at this point. It is not even fair to call it a nerf. I’ll just sit out until the game is balanced again or ill just move on to another game.

  45. You Need to Nerf the DMR Again ,It’s stupidly STILL. Overpowered ,u get smashed with 3 shots from miles away ,it’s a bloody Joke,Seriously do something about it ,It’s Ruining people’s games

  46. I play search and destroy a whole lot. That’s my go to o as well as ground war for target practice. I will soon jump onto warzone. My concerns are the Balance and cheaters. But in multiplayer there’s no reason the uzi should be untouched by ars. I’ve been getting got markers to the head with the ax50 and upper body ones with the her at range. Even ones at close range that are center mass. I pretty much just snipe but the metal is so bad you almost have to run overkill just to. And even going as far as running a shotgun or an as val. I know multiplayer is the least of your concerns but that’s where people get their strength training. To focus on their movements at accuracy. We shouldn’t have to put all our time onto combating the metal and stressing on getting head shots. Its different in warzone. But that ain’t always easy. Mid range you should be able to get a one shot from the torso up. And that’s what usually would be visible and just above hour centering. So then we can focus on readjustments. Every sniper in both games should be buffed. The smgs should not be op. Ars yes. Good job with the cr. It needed it. Just the heavy snipers. They should be along side of guns like the lmgs and your amaxs not an uzi.

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