Rapid Fire Moshpit, Maxis Bundle, And More Coming To Black Ops Cold War This Week

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March 2, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Black Ops Cold War


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Table of Contents

What To Expect From Black Ops Cold War This Week

Activision has showcased the new content coming to Black Ops Cold War over the next week. Here are the highlights:

Treyarch Is Adding Rapid Fire Moshpit To Black Ops Cold War

  • This playlist is designed for frantic and chaotic gameplay
    • There are constant radar sweeps in every game
    • Ghost Perk is disabled
    • Time in-between games are reduced
  • Modes
    • Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Hardpoint
  • Maps
    • Nuketown ’84, Raid, Express, Garrison, Crossroads Strike, and Apocalypse
  • Arrives March 4th

Continuing Featured Playlists

  • Gun Game
  • Nuketown ’84 24/7
  • Apocalypse 24/7
  • Face-Off

Samantha Maxis Bundle Headlines This Week’s Store Items

  • Samantha Maxis Operator Bundle
    • Samantha Maxis Operator
    • Ultra-Rarity “Z-74u” Reactive SMG Blueprint
    • Legendary “Neutralizer” Shotgun Blueprint
    • “Maim & Tame” Finishing Move
    • Two Animated Emblems
    • Animated Calling Card
    • Two Stickers
    • New Charm
    • This bundle will cost 2400 COD Points
    • Available March 4th
  • Anime Pilot Bundle
    • Legendary “Fly Boy” SMG Blueprint
    • Legendary “Talon Envy” Tactical Rifle Blueprint
    • Legendary “Strafe Run” Shotgun Blueprint
    • Available March 7th
  • Gilded Age III: Pro Pack Bundle
    • Can be purchased directly from first-party stores
    • Legendary “Carbon Composite” Weapon Blueprint
    • Legendary “Carbon Steel” Weapon Blueprint
    • Players will also get 2400 COD Points
    • Available March 9th

Black Ops Cold War Free Access Week Ends Soon

Activision also reminded players that the Free Access week for BOCW will end on March 4th at 1 PM ET. This Free Access version of BOCW includes some multiplayer modes and the new Outbreak zombies mode. You can read more about it here.


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Will you purchase the Samantha Maxis bundle? Are you excited about the new Rapid Fire Moshpit playlist? How are you enjoying BOCW’s second season so far? Let us know in the comments.

SOURCE: Activision

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