New Zombies Map Confirmed For Black Ops Cold War Season 2

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December 15, 2020

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Black Ops Cold War


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New Zombies Map Coming To Black Ops Cold War… Next Season

Black Ops Cold War has the least amount of base zombies maps since 2008’s Call of Duty: World at War. So, naturally, fans of the beloved mode have been craving more since the game’s launch back in November.

Sadly, Treyarch has officially confirmed that we will not receive a new zombies map in Season 1. During a broadcast where the studio outlined everything coming to the game over the next few weeks, Treyarch’s Kevin Drew teased intel found in Die Maschine could reveal more about the mode’s first post-launch map.

Drew also revealed that that map would be coming to the game at the start of Season 2.

Although this is unfortunate to hear, it’s not too surprising. Back in late November, Call of Duty insider Tom Henderson reported that fans shouldn’t expect a new zombies map until around February (which is probably the release window for Season 2).

What Will Be The First Post-Launch Black Ops Cold War Map?

There’s been plenty of speculation online regarding where Treyarch will go next with zombies. Based on Drew’s statements and the intel found so far in Die Maschine, it appears that the next map in Black Ops Cold War zombies will be set in Vietnam. You can read more about all the rumored post-launch content, including the Vietnam map, here.

Christmas Is Coming To Die Maschine

Even though we won’t see a new map for a while, Treyarch plans to update zombies with new modes. Drew talked about 2 of those modes in the broadcast. Cranked, a mode coming later in the season that plays much like the multiplayer version, and a limited-time mode called Jingle Hells.

Jingle Hells is a version of Die Maschine themed towards the Holiday season. A megaton zombie takes the mystery box and flies off on a sleigh with Plaguehounds as the reindeer. Players can use snowballs to freeze zombies who will drop presents. These presents could reward players with high-powered weapons or even coal.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 brings new maps, modes, weapons, blueprints, and more to the immensely popular first-person shooterBOCW will officially integrate with Call of Duty: Warzone on December 16th. This is also when Season 1 officially launches.

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  1. If there’s not gonna be a new map in season 1 can we get a couple game modes to play in zombies also get a little beta test for Xbox and pc players upon the slaughter mode I believe.

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