New Standalone Call Of Duty Zombies Project Reportedly In The Works

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February 24, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Call of Duty


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Report Suggests That A New Standalone Call Of Duty Zombies Project Could Be In The Works

Notable Call of Duty insider Tom Henderson has reported that “a separate Call of Duty zombies project” is in the works at Activision. The project is said to be in early development and “is currently not connected to any title.”

Why Would Activision Want To Make A Standalone Call Of Duty Zombies Game?

It’s very important to note that although Henderson has a pretty solid track record when it comes to Call of Duty news, you should still take this with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, let’s examine why Activision would even want to potentially make a standalone Call of Duty zombies game.

To put it simply, the mode is really popular and has been growing in popularity ever since it first appeared in 2008’s World At War.

Treyarch, the pioneers behind the mode, accomplished this by adding innovative features like the Perk Machines, the Pack-A-Punch machine, wonder weapons, and story-based easter eggs that fleshed out the mode’s lore.

Of course, multiplayer and Warzone will most-likely always be at the forefront of Activision’s plans for the franchise. That being said, it’s obvious that this mode has become a juggernaut in its own right. It seems like the demand is there for more zombies content.

Hilariously enough, this is actually a topic that has been brought up before.

Why Hasn’t Treyarch Made A Zombies-Only Game Yet?

Call of Duty

In 2015, Eurogamer had an interview with Jason Blundell regarding Black Ops 3 zombies and the notion of Treyarch making a standalone zombies game. Here’s what Blundell had to say on the subject of a zombies-only title:

“Sometimes you want to watch a movie and want to be engaged narratively on a concept. And then we have multiplayer – sometimes you just want to run around and have that high engagement experience. And sometimes you want to kill the undead – sometimes you want to play Zombies.”

“We see by the numbers and how people engage with the game as a whole, people change that feeling. They’ll move between the different modes.”

Blundell continued:

“While it’s a lovely sentiment on the idea of breaking Zombies out into its own separate game, we see that people move between all three modes,”

For those who don’t know, Jason Blundell was with Treyarch for 13 years before leaving in 2020 and was one of the masterminds behind the studio’s zombies mode. Primarily, Blundell worked on the final zombie maps in Black Ops 2 and later became the director of the mode in Black Ops 3 and Black Ops 4.

Call of Duty

Back to the interview. To be fair, these are quotes from years ago and they aren’t directly from Activision. Still, it’s interesting to see that this is a conversation that has been brought up before.

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  1. I have played more zombies than cod multiplayer because of the challenges and side projects it has been more fun upgrading and spending essence on different perks then the standard multiplayer

    1. We aren’t affiliated with Treyarch or Activision (we’re just an independent news site). But, we like Treyarch’s games too! Well, most of them…

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