Knife Fight 3v3, “NecroKing Mastercraft” Bundle, And More Coming To Black Ops Cold War This Week

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March 15, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Black Ops Cold War


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What Can You Expect From Black Ops Cold War This Week?

Activision has released their weekly blog detailing everything that is coming to Black Ops Cold War over the next several days. Here are the highlights:

Knife Fight 3v3 And Stockpile Headline The New Featured Playlists

  • St. Patrick’s Stockpile will end at 1 PM ET on March 18th.
  • In its place, Treyarch will add the classic version of Stockpile to the featured playlists. Basically, the studio is just dumping the St. Patrick’s Day visuals and keeping the playlist intact for another week.
  • This week’s playlist update will also bring Knife Fight 3v3 to Black Ops Cold War. Players will use a variety of blueprint melee weapons, a tomahawk, and Gung-Ho to eliminate the other team.
  • Prop Hunt will return with two new maps (Satellite and Miami Strike) later this month.

“NecroKing Mastercraft” Bundle And More Coming To The Black Ops Cold War Store Page

  • “NecroKing Mastercraft” Bundle
    • Ultra “Ice Drake” Mastercraft Assault Rifle Blueprint
    • Legendary “Cold Spear” M60 Blueprint
    • Legendary “Dragon Claw” Charm
    • Legendary “Frozen Waste” Calling Card
    • Epic “Dead Sled” Vehicle Skin
    • Epic “Necro King” Sticker
    • Epic “Necromancer” Watch
    • Epic “Climactic” Vehicle Horn
    • Available On March 21st
  • “Super Charged” Reactive Bundle
    • Legendary “Racer 01” SMG Blueprint
    • Ultra “Racer 02” Assault Rifle Blueprint
    • Legendary “Spinner” Charm
    • Epic “Skkkkkkkrrrrttttt” Emblem
    • Available On March 18th

Activision also hyped up the upcoming Call of Duty League 2021 schedule for the week.

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SOURCE: Activision

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