Firebase Z Main Story Easter Egg Full Step-By-Step Guide

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February 6, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Firebase Z


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Table of Contents

Completing The Main Easter Egg In Firebase Z

The main story easter egg in Black Ops Cold War’s Firebase Z has been completed. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to trigger the ending cinematic cutscene and finish the main story easter egg.

(Note: We’ve updated this guide to correct the step centered on apturing Mimics around the map.)

  • Turn on all three Aether Reactors and speak to Doctor Peck in the Mission Control room.
  • Head back to the spawn area and speak with Ravenov. He’ll give you a keycard.
  • Go to three lockers around the map. They can be found at the following locations.
    • Equipment Storage Room (The room between the spawn area and teleporter)
    • Engineering Tunnel (Beneath Planning Room)
    • Inside The Colonel’s Office (By Juggernog)
  • Head to Field Hospital by the Data Center. Insert the serums into the machine on one of the tables. After doing this, Hellhounds will start to spawn. Kill them all and grab the serum from the machine.
  • Run all the way over to Mission Control. Head upstairs (above Peck’s office) and turn to the left. You should find an AC unit. Interact with the AC unit to place the machine down.
  • At this point, the truth serum will start to flood Doctor Peck’s office. A dialogue will begin and wait for Peck to tell you the truth.
  • Make your way over to the second floor of the Data Center (near Speed Cola) and interact with the memory machine. This will give you the essence trapper.
    • The essence trapper is a piece of tactical equipment that will act much like a C4 (double-tap the reload button to activate).
    • It will absorb zombies and Mimics into it but will only capture them if their health is below about 25%.
  • Capture three Mimics at three certain points of the map (Spawn upstairs by Pack-A-Punch, near Sky Bridge, and by the Colonel’s Office). They will spawn after this step has begun. 

Firebase Z

  • Go back to the memory machine and take the floppy disk.
  • Use the floppy disk on the machine in the Planning Office. This will eventually reveal the Dark Aether anomaly.
  • Talk with Peck and then Ravenov about getting the code for the Aethermeter locker.
  • Obtain the Aetherium crystals that are buried around the map. The three locations can be found below.
  • One can be located at the Open Lot (underneath the Planning Room).
    • You basically have to figure out which crystal is the right one (the crystal without black smoke surrounding it).
    • If you choose wrong, it will spawn a Mimic.
  • Go to the Jungle Defense Dig Site (far-right lane). Once you dig up the crystal, you will have to defend the area from Hellhounds and Manglers until the wave is over.
    • It should be said that you and whoever is next to you are locked in that area once this process starts.
  • Another crystal can be found by the last door of the Medical Room leading into the Data Center. Dig this one up and it will start teleporting around the map.
    • To obtain this crystal, use the alternate fire of the R.A.I. K-84 to freeze the crystal long enough to run up and grab it.
  • Insert all three crystals into the Reactor Accelerator. This will stabilize the anomaly.
  • (Note: A cutscene will be triggered upon completing the following step and it takes you directly into the final boss. So, this is the point of no return.)
  • Go to the Planning Office and hit the interact button on the computer. You’ll shoot the satellite out of the sky. The satellite you are looking for will be denoted with question marks in its description.

  • After the cutscene, you will be thrown into a boss fight (Orda AKA the Elder God). Mimics and Manglers will spawn throughout but, you should continue to focus on the boss.
    • When Orda is defeated, you have completed the easter egg and will be rewarded with one last cinematic cutscene (along with a unique calling card). Congratulations.

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