Firebase Z: How To Unlock The Safe In The Colonel’s Office And Get A Free Perk

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February 9, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole


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Table of Contents

Black Ops Cold War: Finding Sergei’s Head And Unlocking The Safe In The Colonel’s Office

While playing Firebase Z, you may have noticed a safe in the Colonel’s Office above Juggernog. Turns out, you can actually open this safe and obtain a free perk.

Unfortunately, you also have to complete some of the steps in the Firebase Z main story easter egg to open the safe.

Here is how you can unlock the safe and get that free perk.

  • Complete the following steps of the main story easter egg.
    • Turn on the power and Pack-A-Punch machine.
    • Speak with Peck in Mission Control and then go talk with Ravenov by Pack-A-Punch. Retrieve the keycard from Ravenov. 
    • Go to three lockers and secure the serums. Here are the locations for these lockers.
      • Equipment Storage Room (The room between the spawn area and teleporter)
      • Engineering Room (Found beneath the Planning Room)
      • Colonel’s Office
    • Now that you’ve found all the serums, head over to the Field Hospital and place them on the table. It’s important to note that Hellhounds will spawn as soon as you place the serums on the table.

Firebase Z

    • Kill the Hellhounds and retrieve the truth serum machine. 
    • Run all the way over to Mission Control. Head upstairs (above Peck’s office) and turn to the left. You should find an AC unit. Interact with the AC unit to place the machine down.

Firebase Z

    • Speak with Peck and wait until he finishes his dialogue.
    • Run to the second floor of the Data Center (by Speed Cola). Interact with the memory machine and retrieve the essence trapper.

Firebase Z

  • Thankfully, you are done with the main story easter egg portion of this tutorial. Now, you have to find Sergei’s Head. This can be found at the following locations.
    • Scorched Defense
    • Rocky Defense
    • Jungle Defense
      • The head will have a yellow outline around it, like a piece of intel or a piece of story loot. So, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find once you start looking at each defense area. 
      • Finally, it should be said that you can’t sprint or shoot while holding the head.
  • Return to the Field Hospital. There is a table by the exit facing the Data Center. Place the head on that table.
  • You’re almost done. All you have to do is capture a zombie in the essence trapper. But, be sure that the zombie you trap is at low health (we recommend 25% health or lower).
  • Place the essence trapper on the table with the head. The head will glow and reveal the code for the Colonel’s safe before blowing up. 

  • Go to the Colonel’s Office and open the safe. It will contain a free perk and possibly a cipher. Hellhounds will also spawn once you open the safe.

Those are a lot of steps for just a free perk, we know. But, the Firebase Z main story easter egg steps are pretty easy to complete once you get the process down. From there, the challenge is really just finding the head.

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