COD 2020 Revealed Via “The Red Door” Game On PSN Database

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June 9, 2020

Doug Dagnabbit

Doug Dagnabbit


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COD2020 seems to have been innocuously revealed by an update to an upcoming video game under code name “The Red Door” on the PSN Database. Games have previously been leaked before hand via information such as this, and here’s what we uncovered today about Call of Duty: 2020 / Black Ops Cold War.

Some of the tell tale giveaways that this is a AAA game studio title are:

  1. 71.4 GB PKG Size – According to dataminers this is much too large to be an indie game title, and especially too large to be for a title that nobody has ever heard of.
  2. COD2020intalpaha is in the file name… no need to explain here.
  3. The first update to the file viewable was in May, however this was update 1.02. This suggests the file has been live much longer, but was set to private. (AAA games take quite a while to develop)
  4. The parental level is the level of security over the file, 9 being on the high end of a rated M game
  5. The details are similar to Modern Warfares PSN information.

Now that you understand the basis for why this is meaningful information, let’s get to the juicy stuff!

The dataminer who shared this information with us, also shared some coding he was able to get from the project. This coding contained the following “acronyms” that we think we may know the meaning for. I can not share this coding for obvious copyright reasons.

  1. MP = Multiplayer
  2. ZM = Zombie Mode, it’s coming back!
  3. WZ = Warzone, as we knew it would be in COD 2020.
  4. CP = Campaign
  5. Last but not least, the one that we aren’t sure of. Wzzm = Warzone Zombie Mode? This one is up in the air.

For more of an in depth covering into what this could mean for COD2020 be sure to check out TGR and DkDynamites latest videos. They cover it very well.

While we are all waiting for Season 4 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and the reveal of COD2020, this is certainly some information worth sinking your teeth into. If this is in fact a codename title for COD2020, this shows us that Warzone will be supported, Zombies will be returning, and the game download size is… quite large.

Keep your eyes peeled for more COD 2020 information in the coming weeks, there’s much more to be revealed. If you’d like to get all of this information as we discover it, feel free to join the ModernWarzone COD OG’s discord!

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