Black Ops Cold War Open Alpha Dates

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September 16, 2020

Doug Dagnabbit

Doug Dagnabbit

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Open Alpha Dates


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Source: Treyarch

Black Ops Cold War Open Alpha

During the Playstation 5 reveal showcase, Treyarch surprisingly announced that there would be a Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War open alpha! The Open Alpha begins on Friday, September 18 at 10 AM PDT and ending September 20th at 10 AM PDT.

The Alpha is exclusive to Playstation 4 players and does not require a pre-order of Black Ops Cold War to participate in. It also does NOT require playstation plus to participate!

Pre-loading for the alpha will begin on September 17th at 8 AM PDT. This build is said to be the same that influencers previously played and will have a download size of 25 GB. 

Players WILL be able to play with a mouse and keyboard plugged into their PlayStation consoles.

Xbox and PC Beta Dates

Xbox and PC users will be able to get their hands on Black Ops Cold War starting October 15th for those who have pre-ordered the new Call of Duty title, and October 17th for everyone as an open beta. This beta will end on October 19th.

Game Modes Included

6v6 Domination will be available for play in the Black Ops Cold War alpha, as well as the new Call of duty 12v12 game mode, combined arms!

We will update you as more information becomes available about the Cold War Open Alpha. For all this and more be sure to follow us over on twitter!

Source: Playstation

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41 Responses

  1. Even though it’s exclusive to PlayStation because Activision and Sony have a pleasure agreement with each other of some sort but yet Xbox oneand PC fan base still spend as much if not more monies worth in some areas on games and content as well as put in the time and effort to achieve challanges within the games themselves so shouldn’t that count for somethings it’s not our fault Microsoft and ACTIVISION have some sort of disagreement on size or width so to speak so why should we have to suffer over it they could at least allow our side to enjoy one mode and one map until the beta dates and such

  2. Sony with their timed exclusives or exclusive content is getting really annoying already! They need to stop Microsoft doesn’t do that. Death loop, Avenger war table, Cod, fall guys, fortnite etc….I know Xbox had the contract with cod before but Sony has kept it for a while now. All I know is that they need to get rid of this business model either have it exclusive or leave it alone.

  3. Microsoft did do this and for years had exclusive deal before playstation and the same argument you make was in reverse.

  4. Will there be any rewards for participating in the alpha? As a person who likes to unlock/ earn everything in the cods I play I don’t want my progression to be 99/100 because I didn’t have access to a only PS4 alpha release.

  5. This is the first time I seen an open alpha but sony does need to stop with exclusivity, cause a great jrpg series is like this as well called persona but who am I to say that Xbox needs to bid on stuff

  6. Why TF is cod still a thing, can this shit franchise just end? every year same shit over and over we pay 60 bucks for a shitty campaign and garbage multiplayer with “Skill Based Matchmaking” all past cods from ghosts to Modern warfare 2019 are boring. And the exclusivity is dogshit yea equality right? it’s like a nigger waiting for his turn to eat but has to wait for weeks or months for a deal to end. Fuck you doug eat shit and die

  7. Really xbox had control of every cod until bo3 came out then it was neutral and we took control bo4. Sony only had cod for bo4 and modern warfare now cold war only 3 years

  8. So u preorder the game from Xbox and it says on their that the date for September is for all platforms but now it’s separated interesting I was looking forward to that now I miss well wait till the f#####g game come out in November to play it wow no surprise

  9. I am honestly angry, I pre bought the game on PC and it promised that we, pre buyers, would be the first to try it, then somehow Playstation gets a preview for free. I feel mislead and very pissed of about this…

  10. I really hope y’all knocked it out of the park this year with all 3 main modes. I have not been this excited since BO2. Looking forward to playing the full game soon.

  11. I never understand these type of arguments. Exclusivity has always been around and whomever isn’t getting the bonus first always whines. If it bothers you that much then buy both consoles. I pre-ordered the Ultimate version for the Xbox One and I’m not bothered the least. I mean if you already pre-ordered the game then you have pretty much already decided you are buying it. Does one group of players getting to play it for 2 days before you really upset you that much?

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