Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Alpha Gameplay Leaked

Updated On:

June 3, 2020




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Update 9/16: Black Ops Cold War Open Alpha for PS4 Details

Black Ops Cold War Alpha
Source: Treyarch

UPDATE 9/4: Black OPS Cold War Multiplayer LEAKED

Twitter user  OogtheLegend tweeted what appears to be a 90 second clip of alpha build footage of the upcoming Call of Duty title, Black Ops: Cold War. The footage has since been deleted, and other users who have posted or retweeted the footage seem to have ALREADY had their posts taken down. 

The footage is currently available on the CODCompetitive subreddit and was posted by u/u/Predictist. The clip is from the new map “Tanks” according to Oog, and features some of the games movement (mantling, running) as well as some examples of an assault rifle being fired.


Interestingly though, it’s been reported that there is NO dead silence perk in the current build. This doesn’t mean it can’t come later on as Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is still 4-5 months out.

Oog is awaiting confirmation of whether or not there is sliding or advanced movement mechanics in the current build. We will update you as more information arrives.

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