Black Ops Cold War Zombies Reveal Time And Date

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September 28, 2020

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Black Ops Cold War Zombies


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Today, content creators worked through the final step in the Black Ops Cold War zombies ARG easter egg, and that ultimately brought them to a URL under PawnTakesPawn called Once you go to that URL, you’ll be greeted with a brief (but extremely bloody) teaser trailer.

At the bottom of the page, there is an official date for the Black Ops Cold War zombie reveal. Treyarch will showcase its popular undead mode for Black Ops Cold War on Wednesday, September 30th at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET.

Shortly after the teaser, Treyarch also unveiled the official key art for Black Ops Cold War zombies:

What Exactly Did We See In That Black Ops Cold War Zombies Teaser?

Even with that short 7-second trailer and one official image, many people have already picked up on a few things that could be in the mode. You gotta love the Call of Duty Zombies Community.

Starting with the teaser, it does appear that the PPSH will return in this year’s zombies mode. Then there is the dark location that looks eerily similar to Bunker 10 in Warzone (Is a Zombie Royale reveal coming soon too?). Finally, and by far the most obvious thing from the teaser, it’s clear that Treyarch is planning for a more gory experience with this year’s installment of zombies.

Moving onto the key art, it has been pointed out that you can see several hidden images in the background such as the Omega symbol and Juggernog. The latter of which has been rumored to return for some time now. You can read about the latest rumors surrounding the mode here.

Are you excited to see Treyarch’s zombies reveal on Wednesday? What do you think we’ll see? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow ModernWarzone on Twitter for the latest Call of Duty news!

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