Black Ops Cold War Zombies Is Reportedly Getting A New Mode Called Outbreak

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February 10, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Black Ops Cold War


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Black Ops Cold War Zombies To Reportedly Receive New Co-op Mode

Notable Call of Duty insider Okami has reported that Black Ops Cold War will receive a new zombies mode called Outbreak.

According to Okami, Outbreak will fall in line with Treyarch’s vision of zombies and feature co-op “on a large scale Fireteam map.” The mode was also described as “open-world zombies.”

Strangely enough, this potential Outbreak mode has been briefly mentioned a few times already.

Several months ago, Outbreak was apparently spotted in the game files. But even then, not much was known about the rumored mode. Okami’s post is the first tangible report we’ve seen on Outbreak.

Even though the Call of Duty insider has a pretty good track record, you should still take this info with a grain of salt until Activision or Treyarch reveals more.

Where Would This Outbreak Mode Take Place?

If this report is accurate, where would this Outbreak mode take place? YouTuber dkdynamite posted a great video on this and brought up the idea of the Ural Mountains being a possible location for the Outbreak mode. You can see that video below.

Those who have completed the Firebase Z main story easter egg will know that the Ural Mountains was heavily teased to be Requiem’s next destination.

There is also a cipher sent to Omega Group’s Lev Kravchenko that hints towards the Ural Mountains location being the “largest incursion zone yet.” 

It’ll be interesting to see what Treyarch ends up doing with zombies over the next few seasons of Black Ops Cold War. Based on how players have received Firebase Z so far, it’s clear that Treyarch’s zombies mode continues to be a heavy hitter for Call of Duty.

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