Black Ops Cold War Zombies DLC – Everything You Need To Know (So Far)

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December 5, 2020

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Black Ops Cold War


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Black Ops Cold War zombies mode has been a massive success. However, a big criticism behind the mode is a lack of maps compared to earlier Black Ops games. After all, this is the least amount of launch-day zombies maps we’ve received in a Treyarch Call of Duty since 2008’s Call of Duty: World at War.

In this article, we’ll go over all the monumental post-launch content we could see based on information from insiders and from in the game itself. And for those who want to dig a little deeper, we’ll try to point you in the right direction as well.

As always, it needs to be said that none of the following information is official and should be taken as rumors until we hear something from Treyarch or Activision.

You Shouldn’t Expect A New Zombies Map In Black Ops Cold War Season 1

First off, we have some bad news for zombies fans. Contrary to earlier rumors, it appears that we will not see a new zombies map in Black Ops Cold War Season 1. For starters, the roadmap for Season 1 only mentions new zombie modes (we’ll talk more about that later).

Furthermore, notable Call of Duty insider Tom Henderson also questioned these reports, adding that fans shouldn’t expect to see a new map until around February. This would probably line up with Black Ops Cold War’s second season.

So, What Will Be Included In Black Ops Cold War Season 1?

Along with the plethora of leaks that recently came out, there is a ton of speculation on what exactly we’ll see from the game’s zombies mode going forward.

There are rumors of a new game mode called Outbreak. This version of zombies will reportedly take place in both the Fireteam map and Die Maschine.

According to insiders The CheeseBurger Boys over on Twitter (a fantastic name, by the way), the original plans for the Die Maschine easter egg were a bit different. Instead of just flying away on the helicopter and going back to the menu screen, the original ending placed the player(s) back into the Nacht bunker. But, this new match would be survival-focused. Therefore, it would probably play much like the original Nacht der Untoten from Call of Duty: World At War.

Unfortunately, the survival version of Die Maschine/Nacht der Untoten was reportedly scrapped for “unknown reasons.” That being said, it would make sense for this survival mode to be brought back as new content in Season 1.

Since Black Ops Cold War has cross-progression throughout every mode, all of the camo and battle pass items will be accessible in zombies too. So, you’ll be able to use every new Operator skin, weapon, blueprint, etc.

Other Rumored Cut Content

The CheeseBurger Boys also revealed a ton of cut content from Black Ops Cold War zombies. They obtained this information via early builds of the game and from testers. Here’s a quick list of all the rumored cut content from their megathread:

  • Before Treyarch took over, Sledgehammer was developing the zombies mode for about 4-6 months.
  • Initially, Sledgehammer planned to continue the story from Call of Duty: WWII. Treyarch would later adapt that to the current Dark Aether storyline.
  • According to The Cheeseburger Boys, Black Ops 4’s Chaos storyline was cut as well due to a lot of people “generally not caring about that universe.”
  • The game mode had a tutorial where you learned how to turn on the power, purchase perks, etc. From the description they gave, this seemed much like the tutorials in Call of Duty: WWII and Black Ops 4.
  • At some point, there were allegedly 5 potential tier upgrades for perks, field upgrades, classes, etc. instead of the 3 tier upgrades per skill we have now.
  • In a separate thread, The CheeseBurger Boys posted more information regarding Tier 4 and Tier 5 upgrades coming to Black Ops Cold War and how you will unlock them.

  • The Wonderfizz will act as a way for future perks to be implemented in older maps.
  • Mule Kick was specifically mentioned as a perk in development.
  • Alongside the Megaton, there would have been a “Mecha Z” mini-boss. The CheeseBurger Boys compared the Mecha Z to the Panzersoldats, the special zombie type that appeared in Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 3. However, it was said that the Mecha Z would have a new faceplate, a mounted machine gun, and most notably, a jet pack.
  • Apparently, at one point during development, the dev team was working on a buildable jet pack. Why was this dropped? Well, there was no reason given in the megathread so feel free to wildly speculate in the comments.
  • The highly rumored Ray Rifle was reportedly a real thing. But, it was said that the Ray Rifle was cut from development early on.

Again, it should be said that none of this has been confirmed or denied by Treyarch. Regardless, it does make a lot of sense. Many games have had to cut content due to budgetary reasons, it not fitting with the game’s vision anymore, or the dev team simply running out of time. Plus, Black Ops Cold War has had a rocky (and well documented) development period so far.

While some of the ideas above seem like they never got into high gear, there’s always a chance we see other concepts brought back in future seasons as new content.

Upcoming Perks In Black Ops Cold War

YouTuber FireMonkey 2 recently posted a video that potentially contains the jingles for 4 new perks in Black Ops Cold War zombies. You can see the video and the 4 perks down below:

  • Mule Kick
  • Double Tap
  • PHD Flopper
  • Tombstone

At the WonderFizz machine, you’ll notice that there are 4 empty perk slots. Maybe these are the next 4 major perks being added to the game? Or maybe they have already been scrapped?

Whether these jingles are part of the perks being in development or scrapped earlier in development, it’s easy to fathom any of the perks above coming back in Black Ops Cold War.

A New Field Upgrade?

As first reported by dataminer Nanikos (and later by YouTuber CODZombiesHQ), we could be getting a new field upgrade called “Frenzied Guard.”

According to Nanikos, this was actually leaked by Treyarch themselves. Apparently, at some point during Black Ops Cold War’s launch, you would see a tutorial page pop up while loading into the map showing you the ropes in zombies. That’s where the screenshot above comes from.

The Die Maschine Intro Cutscene May Reveal Future Map Locations

In the intro cutscene for Die Maschine, you may notice several pinged locations on Weaver’s computer screens where presumably other zombie outbreaks have occurred. These pinged locations include:

  • Poland
    • Where Die Maschine is set.
  • Vietnam
    • Rumored to be called Firebase Z and set in Khe Sanh, South Vietnam.
    • You actually visit this location in the Black Ops 1 mission “S.O.G.”
    • In the Black Ops Cold War mission “Operation Ripcord,” players have discovered a way to go outside the playing area and explore Firebase Ripcord. While exploring, players noticed distinct similarities between the area and World at War’s Shi No Numa zombies map. You can see a video on this by clicking here.
    • As pointed out by YouTuber TheGamingRevolution, there is also graffiti art on Die Maschine that could hint towards a potential gorilla boss fight in this Vietnam map.
    • Reimagining Shi No Numa as a Vietnam location would make sense considering the other rumors we’re about to get into and how they will also take parts of classic zombies locations.
  • Berlin
    • Black Ops 1’s Kino der Toten is heavily rumored to be a part of the map (much like Nacht der Untoten in Die Maschine and possibly a Shi No Numa reimagining in the Firebase Z map)
    • Storyline-wise, you can see this location pinged in the edit class section of the zombies game menu and Samantha Maxis is last seen in Berlin during the Die Maschine intro cutscene.
    • Contrary to what’s been said by some online, there doesn’t appear to be any evidence (yet) of the Berlin location being the first post-launch zombie map. Instead, the betting favorite for DLC 1 probably goes to the Vietnam location.
  • Ural Mountains/Mount Yamantau
    • Set at Mount Yamantau, Russia. Within the Ural Mountains.
    • You visit this creepy location in the Black Ops Cold War mission “Echoes Of A Cold War.”

That’s not all. There are several pieces of intel and other references to these possible DLC locations. TheGamingRevolution has an excellent video covering all of that and a pretty cool theory that involves Friedrich Steiner, a major antagonist from Black Ops 1. TGR also shares evidence on other post-launch content that possibly indicates that Verrukt and Der Riese (The Giant) could somehow return in Black Ops Cold War. You can check out that video down below:

The Monster On Die Maschine

You’ve probably heard about this easter egg before but, if not, we have you covered. In the higher rounds of Die Maschine (usually 40+), head to the Dark Aether. Your screen may begin shaking. Head over to the Crash Site or Pond and look outside the play area. You should see a dark figure with weird features walking through the forest. This monster is so huge that it actually knocks down a few trees on the way. Some players have been able to also find this monster in the normal Die Maschine but, it’s probably easier to trigger this easter egg in the Dark Aether.

Over the last few weeks, players have managed to get a better look at this monster. The CoD zombies community seems to agree that the monster somewhat resembles the Panzermorder boss in Call of Duty: WWII. They share similar features and the Die Maschine monster has other creatures attached to it (just like the Panzermorder).

Anyway, many have speculated on this monster also appearing in the Die Maschine monster hand easter egg where you go into the Dark Aether, run to a zombie spawn location by Speed Cola, and shoot 5 red buttons by each door.

What does this have to do with future zombies content? Well, there are several pieces of intel in Die Maschine from those trapped in the Dark Aether that allude to this monster being an “Elder God.” Due to the pieces of intel and the fact that Treyarch has teased things like this in the past, there’s a lot of talk around the community that we’ll eventually see this Die Maschine monster pop up again in future maps and potentially even as a massive boss fight.

YouTuber MrRoflWaffles made a great video covering the possible lore behind this monster and some of the intel found in-game. You can see that video below:

To wrap all this up, here’s a brief summary. Don’t expect a new map in Black Ops Cold War Season 1, there is a ton of new content coming in the meantime, some cut content could potentially return, and there’s evidence to believe that we’ll see other reimaginings of classic CoD zombies maps in the future.

Are there any zombie DLC content we missed? What are you hoping to see in the mode’s future? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Re-master Transit and Burried! Such good times we all had there long ago! It would be great to see it all over again with new graphics engine, Easter eggs, and bosses!

  2. Die machine still black screens after 23 gig update, badly needs fixing, crashed on every attempt at a hire Rd, £65 for a game I can’t play, I don’t play multiplayer so at the moment it’s useless

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