Black Ops Cold War Season 2: How To Get Wonder Weapons In Outbreak

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March 3, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Black Ops Cold War


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How To Get The R.A.I. K-84, D.I.E., Or The Ray Gun In Black Ops Cold War Outbreak

Over the past week, players have discovered a few different ways to get a wonder weapon in Black Ops Cold War Outbreak. And sadly, every method so far requires… a bit of luck.

Here’s a quick guide for anyone who is having trouble finding a wonder weapon in Outbreak:

Complete Trials

  • Completing Trials is the easiest method to finding one of the wonder weapons in Outbreak.
  • All you have to do is find the Trial marker on your overview map and head to it.
  • From there, simply complete challenges until you hit that legendary tier reward.
  • However, you are not guaranteed to receive one of the wonder weapons on your first attempt at the Trials. That’s fine. Just keep completing challenges and you’ll eventually get your hands on a wonder weapon at the Trial Machine.
  • Even if you don’t get a wonder weapon, the Trial Machine will still give you some great rewards like Perks, higher-tier weapons, power-ups, and essence.
  • Again, completing Trials is definitely a viable strategy and very useful in the early rounds. Before you start your main objective (which will spawn a ton of zombies), begin a trial. You may get a good Trial task and you can start the main objective around the same time.

Defeating Boss Enemies

  • Players can receive a wonder weapon by defeating bosses like the Megaton, Krasny Soldat, and more.
  • It’s unlikely that you’ll find a wonder weapon in the first round but, you may get lucky in the later rounds when higher-tier loot begins to drop more frequently.

Try The Mystery Box

  • While the Mystery Box can reward players with a Ray Gun, R.A.I. K-84, or D.I.E., it’s not a recommended strategy because it requires a lot of luck and probably a lot of essence points.
  • That being said, you may find a wonder weapon in the later rounds when higher-tier loot begins to appear more frequently.

Opening Loot Crates And Breaking Those Purple Aetherium Crystals

  • Although it’s very rare, you can actually find a wonder weapon in loot crates and by breaking those purple Aetherium Crystals found around the Outbreak maps.
  • Like the Mystery Box, we don’t really recommend either of those methods. There’s just too much luck involved and they are probably the least effective ways to receive a wonder weapon in Black Ops Cold War Outbreak

Completing Side Objectives

  • There are several side objectives you can complete around each map that will reward you with golden loot crates.
  • These crates could hold some great loot such as higher-tier weapons, perks, full power (which replenishes your equipment and Field Upgrade), and possibly even a wonder weapon.

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