Black Ops Cold War Players Voice Their Frustration Over Gung-Ho Exploit

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January 12, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Black Ops Cold War


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What Is The Gung-Ho Glitch In Black Ops Cold War And Why Are Players Upset?

Call of Duty is having some problems right now. Over in Call of Duty: Warzone, players are dealing with weapon balancing issues and a plethora of glitches (both new and old). Sadly, Black Ops Cold War is experiencing issues as well.

Over on Reddit, user u/ChiefofCheeks created a post focused on the Gung-Ho exploit in Black Ops Cold War. The user voiced their frustrations over the bug still being in the game and how much of an advantage it is for those utilizing the exploit.

For those who don’t know about this exploit, here’s the gist without giving people a complete tutorial. Players are equipping Gung-Ho and using a tactic to essentially take away the sprint-to-fire time.

This is not an issue that just popped up either. It’s been in the game for months, with Hardcore playlists apparently being the most affected.

Hopefully, with many reporting on this story and more attention being drawn to it, Treyarch will finally address the problem.

Treyarch has a lot on its plate, at the moment. Along with the Gung-Ho exploit and other glitches in the game, the studio is about to release the mid-season 1 update for Black Ops Cold War. In this update, we’ll see some new multiplayer and zombies content.

Both Dropkick (a new 6v6 mode) and Sanatorium (a new Fireteam map) will be included in this mid-season update.

Zombies players will see Cranked added to Die Maschine. The PlayStation timed-exclusive Onslaught is getting new content too with Raid being added to the mode on the 14th.

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Have you encountered the Gung-Ho glitch in BOCW? Are you excited for the mid-season 1 update coming later this week? Let us know in the comment section below.

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