Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Gameplay Leaked on Twitch

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September 4, 2020

Doug Dagnabbit

Doug Dagnabbit

Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Leaked on Twitch


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UPDATE: Much More Detailed Info Here

Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Gameplay Leaked on Twitch 

Seemingly by accident, 7 minutes of multiplayer footage of the new Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War was leaked live on Twitch tonight. This comes as a shock considering that we are only 6 days away from the official multiplayer reveal, which is presumed to show gameplay from the content creators who were involved in this event today. 

Here’s what we were able to see with the early alpha gameplay of the next Call of Duty Title! The list will be updated as more news arrives.

Last updated (3:08 AM US EST 9/4)

Key Takeaways from Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer

  • Scorestreaks Return
  • Health Bars Visible Above Enemies
  • NO Tactical Sprint
  • NO Doors (From what we can see)
  • Circular Mini-map with Red Dots for Enemy Fire
  • 150 Health, Higher TTK than Modern Warfare 2019
  • Perks: Ghost, Tac Mask, Ninja, Tracker, Flak Jacket, Scavenger, and Quartermaster (Overkill?)
  • Wild Cards: Perk Greed, Danger Close (Which Gives 2 Lethals)
  • COD’s largest Content Creators Took Part in This “Alpha”
  • 5 Attachments on Primaries and Secondaries
  • 6 Perks at a Time is possible
  • 5 Custom Classes & 5 Default Classes
  • Weapons: Commando (XM4), M16, Stoner 63, MP5, AK-74U, SPAS-12 (Semi-Auto)
  • Field Upgrades Return, Camera Mic from Previous Black Ops
  • Attachments for Spas-12: Sprint Pad, 9 Round Mag, SWAT 5mw Laser, 23.3″ Paratrooper Duckbill Choke (Tightens Spread)
  • VIP Extraction Game Mode

Breaking Down the Key Points 

The gameplay is in Miami at night. Fireworks go off as the round starts, and players are prompted to protect the VIP until extraction. There are two extraction points, and the game mode is 6v6 with a revive system (Think Cyber Attack from Modern Warfare). The mini-map in this version of the game also appears to be much larger than what we received this year.

Health bars are clearly visible above enemies as they are killed, and from common knowledge, it appears that the TTK is higher than in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 (As @Legitimategamerz pointed out on Twitter). The map is littered with neon lights and has a dark and gritty atmosphere to it, which many will be familiar with from previous Treyarch games. 

Voice chat after death, which is already in Modern Warfare, can be heard as one of the players in question kills another, we can hear the 2nd player say “What gun was that?!” Every POV so far has shown players spamming the popular slide cancel move that many know from Modern Warfare

Custom Loadout Information

Shotguns can be seen as secondaries in the player loadout screen, as well as the 5 custom classes and 5 default classes. It’s entirely possible that the “Quartermaster” perk is “Overkill” from MW. Also seen on the loadout screen is that the player had 6 perks equipped simultaneously. The perks included Ghost, Tac Mask, Ninja, Tracker, Flak Jacket, and Scavenger. Their weapons also had 5, and 3 attachments respectively. The weapon with 3 had two slots where more 2 could be equipped.

Wild cards make a return to Call of Duty with the two from the footage being Perk Greed and Danger Close. Perk Greed allows an extra perk, whereas Danger Close allows the player to have 2 tactical and lethal equipment instead of 1.

We will update you all as more information comes out about Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

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16 Responses

  1. When are they going to bring out some of the COD 4 maps on free foe all eg over grown on MW
    As a group of my friend’s we only play free for all because we are sick of cross play where computer cheats run around recking the game for decent players . I have tried team death match and see how many cheats ruin it with impossible shoots and there language .
    I am thinking about getting Black ops could war looks good but how quick will it take hackers to ruin it ? On x box 1

  2. Happy to see Score streaks return for more objective play happening. Not sure how I feel about health over the player name. Hopefully ninja will have no fall damage. Would be annoying though of a player Jump off a multistory building and not get hurt and kill you though so maybe a limit to height.
    6 perks I like but how you get it and what you need to sacrifice will be important.
    What guns are in the game are completely irrelevant if they aren’t balanced

  3. @James Dane you’re delusional. Just git gud. You’re one of those who thinks that everyone is cheating. Again, git gud.

  4. Thank you, I’ve just been looking for info about this subject for ages and yours is the greatest I’ve discovered till now.
    However, what concerning the bottom line? Are you positive about the source?

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