Black Ops Cold War Mission Info And Character Bios Revealed

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November 2, 2020

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Black Ops Cold War


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In a Call of Duty blog post, Activision’s James Mattone has revealed more information about Black Ops Cold War. This time, the focus was on the game’s story.

The post goes over three campaign missions and gives a brief overview of where our characters stand at the beginning of the campaign.

You Don’t Have To Play Black Ops 1 To Understand Black Ops Cold War’s Campaign

Taking place 13 years after the events of the original Black Ops game, Frank Woods, Jason Hudson, and Alex Mason are back to stop a new world-ending threat. But, you don’t necessarily have to play the original game to understand the story behind Black Ops Cold War. Here’s what Senior Creative Director at Raven Software Dan Vondrak said in the blog post:

“We are huge fans of the original Black Ops and our first goal was bringing back the iconic trio of Woods, Mason and Hudson – but to do so in a way that didn’t require any previous experience with the series,”

“We also felt it was important to introduce some new characters so we could explore their personalities and relationships with the classic characters – this way both new and old players get something fresh. By approaching it this way, as the story unravels, we can slowly make connections and references back to Black Ops that fans like us will appreciate but won’t be a flood of new information all at once for new players.”

Raven Software Talks Campaign Missions In Black Ops Cold War

Mattone and Raven Software delved into 3 campaign missions (Nowhere Left To Run, Fracture Jaw, and Desperate Measures). To learn more about those missions, you can click here to read the blog post. But be warned, the article does contain some “light spoilers.”

Vondrak ended the post by reiterating the game’s tagline:

“Know your history or be doomed to repeat it.”

Black Ops Cold War Character Bios

That’s not all. Call of Duty’s Twitter account has revealed more info about the characters in the campaign. You can take a look at the redacted bios down below:

Russell Adler

Black Ops Cold War

Frank Woods

Black Ops Cold War

Alex Mason

Jason Hudson

Helen Park

Lawrence Sims

Eleazar “Lazar” Azoulay

Black Ops Cold War will release on November 13th, 2020 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, and PC. The PlayStation 5 version will launch on November 13th in the United States and Canada. For those in other countries, the PS5 version of Black Ops Cold War will release on November 19th.

For more BOCW coverage, check out this article covering how the game will integrate with Call of Duty: Warzone. If you’re a zombies fan, Treyarch recently revealed brief character bios for Samantha Maxis and Gregori Weaver.

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