Black Ops Cold War Is Adding A St. Patrick’s Day-Themed Mode This Week

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March 8, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Black Ops Cold War


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What Can You Expect From Black Ops Cold War This Week?

Activision has released their weekly briefing on everything that will be coming to Black Ops Cold War over the next few days. Here are the highlights:

St. Patrick’s Stockpile Returns, Will Be Added To Black Ops Cold War Later This Week

  • St. Patrick’s Stockpile was a playlist in Black Ops 4 and plays much like Grind in 2019’s Modern Warfare.
  • Once you kill an enemy, they will drop Shamrocks. You can pick these Shamrocks up and deliver them to a Pot o’ Gold to earn points.
  • You can also deny the other team from scoring points by picking up the Shamrocks from fallen teammates.
  • The limited-time mode will be available on March 11th at 1 PM ET and this version of the mode will end on March 18th.
  • Activision hinted that the traditional version of Stockpile could return down the road.

The publisher also announced that Face Off is heading to the Quick Play section this week “to make room for more modes coming later in Season Two.”

Activision Showcases Three New Bundles Coming To The Store

  • Tool Of War Bundle (Garcia)
    • Epic “Bunker Buster” Melee Blueprint (First blueprint for E-Tool)
    • “Revolutionary” Garcia Skin
    • “Pinch” Reticle
    • Epic “Cuban Links” Watch
    • A New Charm
    • A New Sticker
    • Available On March 11th
  • Montezuma’s Curse Mastercraft Bundle
    • Ultra “Mayan Malediction” SMG Mastercraft Blueprint
    • Legendary “Aztec Assassin” Tactical Rifle Blueprint
    • “Emerald Idol” Charm
    • “Dorado Dasher” Vehicle Skin
    • “Cursed Mask” Calling Card
    • “Mask Of Madness” Emblem
    • A Legendary Watch
    • An Epic Vehicle Horn
    • Two Tier Skips In The Season Two Battle Pass
    • Available On March 14th
  • Tracer Pack: Lucky
    • Legendary “Shillelagh” LMG Blueprint
    • Legendary “Wee Lad” Assault Rifle Blueprint
    • “Pot O’ Gold” Charm
    • “Battle For The Riches” Calling Card
    • “Lucky Frag” Sticker
    • Available On March 16th

Alongside the Black Ops Cold War news, Activision teased that more information about Call of Duty: Mobile Season Two will be revealed soon and congratulated the Atlanta FaZe for winning the first Call of Duty League major tournament of the year.

For the latest Call of Duty news, be sure to check out ModernWarzone on Twitter.

SOURCE: Activision

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