Black Ops Cold War: How To Claim The Nuketown ’84 Weapons Bundle

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November 19, 2020

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Black Ops Cold War


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To celebrate the launch of Black Ops Cold War and the upcoming Nuketown ’84 map, Treyarch is giving away a free weapons bundle!

Everyone who logged into Black Ops Cold War from November 13th to 10 AM PT on November 20th will receive this reward. In a Call of Duty blog post, it was said that the bundle will be accessible to all eligible players by November 20th at 12 PM PT.

Furthermore, anyone who purchases a copy of Black Ops Cold War and logs in before December 4th will get this weapons pack too. The bundle should be available when you log into the game.

The Nuketown Weapon Bundle In Black Ops Cold War

Here’s a rundown of everything that will be included in this free pack, courtesy of the aforementioned Call of Duty blog post:

  • “‘Last Stop’ Epic Shotgun Blueprint – With this Weapon Blueprint, any enemy who dares to challenge you in close quarters will know it’s the end of the road. This configuration includes a 21.6” Paratrooper Barrel, a 6 RND Tube Magazine, a Milstop Reflex Optic, and a Commando Assembly Stock. When combined, these attachments give the shotgun a faster fire rate, better damage range, increased ammo capacity, slightly quicker speed when aiming and shooting, and a clearer sight picture — all the ingredients needed for a great secondary weapon.

  • Six Weapon Charms – These six mannequin Weapon Charms are a perfect fit for any long-time Nuketown fan. Pick your favorite well-sculpted hunk – ‘Chad,’ ‘Thad,’ or ‘Vlad’ – or a flawless friend – ‘Karen,’ ‘Sharon,’ and ‘Bobbi McDaren’ – to give your favorite weapon more personality.

  • ‘Test Subjects’ Sticker – Let your enemies know you’re ready to go nuclear with the ‘Test Subjects’ sticker, which can be slapped onto most weapons in the Gunsmith.

  • ‘Nuketown Legend’ Emblem and ‘Omnibus’ Calling Card – Spruce up your player profile with some classic Nuketown imagery through the ‘Nuketown Legend’ Emblem and ‘Omnibus’ Calling Card.

  • Note: when Warzone transitions on December 10 at the beginning of Season One, all these items will be available for use across your loadouts and profile.”

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