Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z: How To Upgrade The Monkey Bomb

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February 9, 2021

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Firebase Z


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Black Ops Cold War: Upgrading The Monkey Bomb

As first discovered by YouTuber Glitching Queen and TrickyHunter, you can improve the monkey bombs in Firebase Z.

Luckily, upgrading the monkey bombs in Firebase Z is very easy. Here’s a quick guide.

  • Restore power to the entire map by turning on all three Aether Reactors (Mission Control, Data Center, and Military Command).
  • Then, obtain about two or three monkey bombs (via loot found on the ground from fallen enemies or by purchasing them at the many Crafting Stations around the map).
  • From there, simply head over to the Aether Reactor of your choice and build up massive hordes of the undead. You’ll need to kill 50 zombies with monkey bombs in the Aether Reactor room you choose to train zombies in.
  • It should take about two or three hordes of zombies to complete this easter egg (hence why you’ll need multiple monkey bombs).

Once you throw an upgraded monkey bomb, you’ll immediately notice a few changes. First, the monkey plays a different song that’s more in tune with the game’s time period. Along with this, the zombies will actually breakdance to the music before being absolutely destroyed by the monkey bomb.

Finally, the upgraded monkey bombs are also more powerful than the standard version.

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